Oglesby and Uthoff rising

It’s no secret that Josh Oglesby and Jarrod Uthoff, two Iowa kids have been on the UA recruiting radar for some time now according to Rivals.  Apparently their stock is on the rise as both are getting increased interest from schools in a better conference then the America East.

In the last couple of weeks Creighton has stepped up and offered both players a scholarship. Hopefully the fact that UA has been on them and offered a while ago will pay dividend and we can secure a commitment from one or both.

UA has recruited in Iowa for a several years now, in fact in addition to Chicago I’d say that Iowa is one of our foundations as a recruiting base. We’ve been able to get a couple of players (Brian Lillis, Brent Wilson, Jon Puk) but a good number have slipped through our fingers, guys like Gabe Knutson, Zach Bohannon, Doug McDermott, Nate Hutcheson. Gotta keep trying, there is good talent in Iowa.

~ by ClickClack on March 26, 2010.

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