Blog Changes

As you can undoubtedly see, I’ve changed some things with the blog.

Look The look of the old blog was difficult on the eyes, the reds were to red, the tags were to bright, hopefully the change to the aesthetic appearance of the blog is a welcome one.

Links I’ve provided a link to the BPF message board on the right hand side. As of yet, Google has not inventoried the blog and thus it doesn’t show up when searching for UA related recruiting info etc. It typically takes Google 2-4 weeks to catch up. Once that’s done, it’s entirely possible that we’ll get some folks who hit my blog that might be interested in joining the knowledgeable folks that post on the BPF board. Also provided a link back home (main page of the blog)…with the old theme one could click on the banner and get back, with this theme that was no longer possible.

Recent Posts Five most recent posts will show up on the right hand side for easy access.

Calendar Older post will be archived, you can get back to any post that has since been archived by click on the date (if you know it).

Search Search functionality is available at the very top of the navigation pane.

~ by ClickClack on April 9, 2010.

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