MidStateHoops.com on Russell Moore

MSH.com had this to say about Russell Moore,while giving him a grade of 79

A physical guard that can handle multiple assignments. Moore has the strength and shooting ability to play either wing position. He’s a tough competitor that’s great on the boards and on the defensive end. Though he’s not very experienced at the position, Russell also shows the makings of a potential point guard at the Division-I level due to his court savvy, his unselfishness, and his ball control.”
A bit more on the rating scale…

80-84 – Mid Major Impact – Prospect will be a starter at the mid major level from day one. Could possibly be a solid player at the high major level.

75-79 – Mid Major Prospect – Prospect could earn a starting position at the mid major level. Will be a key role player throughout their career and will see their role grow with time.

As with all rating scales, recruiting services, one should take what they say with a grain of salt but all indications are that this is a solid get for UA.

~ by ClickClack on April 22, 2010.

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