Blake Metcalf and Logan Aronhalt Named Co-Captains

On the heels of a post singing the praises of Logan Aronhalt, Coach Brown has signaled that our high expectations are well placed-  Logan was tapped by Will Brown to be co-captain along with fellow sophomore Blake Metcalf.  The future is now for Coach Brown, so he entrusting quite a lot these young kids. Here’s CB’s quote from the the Times Union:

“Blake has established himself as our best talker,” Brown said.  “Logan is a guy who, when he talks, people listen. We could have these two guys being our leaders for the next three years and I think that would bode very well for our program.”

Two tough kids who will be fun to watch. One interesting note is that Will Brown passed over Billy Allen, but last year he reportedly mulled over naming Allen a co-captain in the middle the season.

Also, welcome aboard to Tim Wilkin, the new UA guy for the Times Union who broke the co-captian story via that new fangled technology: Twitter. Though, I do hope that he doesn’t have any strong hunches about the Danes having a great season… it seemed like every time I checked, he was losing money at Saratoga!


Edit: Coach Will Brown’s contract runs through 2011-2

~ by TheMidRangeGame on October 14, 2010.

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