Luke Devlin Tabbed Blue Ribbon’s “Newcomer of the Year”

After seeing UAlbany picked predictably low in this years Blue Ribbon Yearbook (seventh), I didn’t expect another UA sighting in the AE “Forecast”.  To my shock and eventual delight, Blue Ribbon, the source which ESPN relies on for mid-major hoops, tabbed Luke Devlin for newcomer of the year.

Devlin, a 6’8 power forward out of Australia, beat out Boston University’s transfers from the Big East, A-10, and MAAC as well as more highly touted freshman.

While reading through the Great Dane’s “forecast,” the reason becomes apparent- Will Brown is crazy about Devlin’s potential. Coach talked the ear off of Blue Ribbon’s Patrick Stevens about the Devlin’s chance to be an impact player. It’s clear that Brown that Devlin will have every opportunity to play starters’ minutes.

From day one, Devlin should be the most polished offensive post player on the team. Check back to the video where ClickClack broke this story. Luke’s release isn’t as pure as that of Brent Wilson, but it sure is quick and it seems to go in an awful lot. It’s also one of the most honest mix tapes I’ve seen: it actually shows Devlin getting beat as he doesn’t help on penetration fast enough. His foot speed and defense will need to improve- but putting him in the front court next to Blake Metcalf… could be a very nice contrast, finesse and force.


Who's that on the horizon???


And now that Blue Ribbon has revved up the hype machine- the only thing that is left is to release the accent! It’s time to introduce the masses to Luke Devlin, your new Rookie of the Year front runner! Maine’s basketball is putting us to shame-  they have had an interview of Scotty Alasdair Fraser up for months! Sometime in the distant future, when we are pulling in more hits than Drudge, Purple and Gold Nation is going to have to host a “Translate an Interview with Alasdair Frasier” Contest.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on October 21, 2010.

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