Theo Hatcher: Coming to a Tom Clancy novel near you

South American terrorists devise a scheme to blackmail a congressman for ransom under the watchful eye of corrupt US diplomats. When the terrorists hijack a shipment of nuclear warheads even after their demands are met, a turncoat naval officer, Theo Hatcher, must gain the courage to do the right thing and stop the terrorists once and for all.

(courtesy of a five step Tom Clancy novel generator)

This could easily be the teaser on the back of the next Tom Clancy book you pick up. The one sure thing about the transfer from Central Arizona College is that he far and away has the coolest name on the UAlbany roster. It is fitting that the mysterious newcomer enters with only a snippet of statistics- statistics that the overanxious, offseason, basketball deprived college hoops fan could piece together into a very formidable player.


Height: 6’7 Weight: 210

Last year’s top newcomer Greer Wright of Binghamton is 6’7, 215. Foreshadowing for this season perhaps? He is a “long, wiry combo forward,” as Coach Brown describes him, a body type not often seen around the AE, one that has the potential to be a match-up nightmare for AE foes.


His 11.6 and 13.1 scoring averages are pleasant, but ultimately not very revealing- even wild speculation reaches its limits if you presume to translate scoring totals from the Arizona Community College Athletic Conference to anything meaningful in AE terms. What leaves my mouth watering is that he shot 45 % from three both years. The same number which Mike Black posted this past season that was good for 3rd in the AE. There is no question a 6’7 player can get his shots off – Hatcher is going to get some clean looks and history says he will make it.

The three point shooting big man always comes with the risk that in their haste to drift to the perimeter to queue the long ball, the forfeit their advantage in the paint. Its what kept Brent Wilson from becoming a dominant player his senior year and what earned Jake Lindfors a seat on the pine last year. Luckily, Theo put these fears to rest with his 7.8 rpg, good for top 10 in league- you cannot have an aversion to the low the post with those types of numbers. Will says he’s an “active rebounder” and I buy it.


He’s got a good head on his shoulders- he won his school’s Male-Student Athlete of the Year.


Anyone who loves a big lineup, has to be salivating at the prospect of the 6’7 Hatcher lining up at the three along with two 6’8+ guys patrolling the middle. Versatile and skilled, Theo has a high ceiling- and never underestimate the power of a great name.

But wait, this post is a two for one! Tonight is the Purple and Gold game- so I’ll actually have posts to base off, you know, facts and eye witness reports instead of off-season nonsense.

The return of Robert Moores?

Robert Moores, that 6’2 transfer guard in 07-08 who never caught on? He’s back? No, no, but at first look, he is hard to differentiate from this years incoming transfer Russell Moore. Russell is 6’3 and his path also went through Illinois. Russell helped his junior college team to a 24-7 record and scored 12.8 points in his best season while Robert posted 13.9 ppg and led his previous team to a 24-8 record. Both arrive at UA as noted three point threats.

History doesn’t seem to bode well for Moore- Moores played only a little over 30 minutes in 16 appearances and took only three shots, all three pointers, and made one. On the Big Purple Fans board, the term “transfer fatigue” was coined after this recruiting class and it’s likely that Russell was the player in mind. He is not a particularly attractive pick up- he will be thrown into the shuffle of an already deep backcourt. If Russell sees the floor, it will most likely crowd the development of players of the future like Tartt and Watts.

In another year, I would agree that Moore seems like an unhelpful, eve hindersome scholarship player, but I think this year’s scenario alters the a different situation. Will Brown must win now and will coach accordingly. Brown’s reviews are always glowing, but I think we can still draw something from his remarks on Moores:

“He has the ability to be a lockdown defender with his quickness and athleticism.”

Albany was actually slightly worse last year on defense than offense and improved perimeter defense is one the absolute keys to success this year. None of the current guards have established themselves as a defensive specialist and if Moore shows a hunger and ability to guard the opponents best player, he will see time. If Will Brown can have Moore chase around the likes of Gerald McLemore, Joe Zeglinski or John Holland with some success, it would fill debilitating weakness for UA.

The final reason to feel good about Moore is that he played on the most talented team last year of any player on the UA roster. Eight players from his juco team will compete on the D1 level, most notably John A. Logan Community college is sending players to UCLA, Arizona and TCU this season.

As Moore’s team made the leap to the #13 NJCAA team in the country, he sacrificed 5 points a game. Then, he chose to come to a UA team with a crowded backcourt where he would have to fight for minutes. Sounds like a player who is hungry to win and who is willing play whatever role the team needs of him.

Expect Russell to find a role similar to Jerel Hastings, a player who can score in the double figures (CB has mentioned this about him) but whose calling card is his defense and his energy. He will have a chance to start. If the Danes make a big turnaround this season, don’t be surprised if we are touting Russell Moore’s defense play as a core factor.

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