Rushthecourt.net has decided on an absurdly meticulous method to countdown their pre-season rankings: doing a twitter sized preview of each team on the hour. They started it last night, 345 hours before this season’s tip-off- gimmicky, yes, but I’m intrigued (and I also know now that we are #316 hours away from college hoops season).

Anyways, I had hoped that a day or so would pass until our 160 character preview popped up- so I was disappointed to return from the shower at 8 am and find UAlbany slotted at 327 (As a reference, UA finished 300 in RPI last season). While this rating probably won’t make its way into the locker room like the coaches’ poll, I sure as hell hope Will Brown and his squad would be fired up at the suggestion that they are among the 20 worst teams in the country.

RTC’s tweet-preview:

#327 Albany – The loss of their starting frontcourt doesn’t help bounce back from finishing last in AE conference play.

Not what I would’ve emphasized, but they do have a point especially with the injury to Urli. Here’s the starts made last season: Urli (12) Gifford ( 22) McRae (15) Lindfords (5) Metcalf (10). So that’s 77% of our frontcourt departed. On paper, take that decimation of our bigs add on the loss of our leading scorer, I can see the urge to drop us even further from the 09-10 depths.

The problem with their logic is that Gifford’s number of starters is overestimates his value, Metcalf immediately replaces him and hopefully is an upgrade (who, by the way, played in every game, McRae and Ambrose were the only others to do). Freshman Luke Devlin went completely under (down under?) the scouting radar, but all the reports are that his offense and whereabout should at least match Urli. How Metcalf, Devlin and redshirt freshman John Puk assimilate into Will Brown’s might be the most important element of this team. It will likely take them time to adjust to playing significant minutes at a D1 level, but their combined presence has the potential to be an upgrade over last year’s frontcourt- even if none possess the athleticism of Scotty McRae. Rush the Court does have this right, whatever your overall expectation for UAlbany is, it depends heavily on you think these young crew controls the paint. I’ll say this… we are loaded with “sleeper” potential.




~ by TheMidRangeGame on October 26, 2010.

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