Catching Up With Jerel Hastings

Jerel Hastings, a 6’5 swingman from the UAlbany Class of 2009, took the time to answer a few questions for the Purple and Gold Nation.

1) What are you up to now? How’s your game these days?

Jerel Hastings: I’m doing pretty good still trying to make this basketball thing workout…I was playing for this ABA team But things didn’t workout now I have an agent working with me to get to the next level.

2) When was the last time you were in Albany? Are you able to keep in touch with the guys? I see you’re friends with some of the last years frosh- did you have a chance to any of the new guys?

JH: The last time I was in Albs was when I left lol but I’m coming back soon. I talk to Tim Ambrose all the time an some of the other guys from time to time. But I also keep in touch with Giff and Jimmie.

3) Will Brown is never afraid to speak is mind and he’s full of folksy quotes- any Will Brown-isms that particularly stick out?

JH: He had so many I cant even remember at the moment.

4) There is a sweet highlight video of yours on the internet. I saw it was posted by jhast5- have you been getting into the video mixing business? What was your favorite clip? (mine: that two handed slam about 2:40 in)

JH: I tried to do a little something it was my first time putting a highlight film together….but all the dunks were my fav.

5) Favorite memory from your two years here?

JH: My fav memory was probably senior night when my Mom was at the game, it felt just like the old days back in high school

6) What made you decide to come to Albany? You’re from Texas- did Jason Siggers, a fellow transfer who was here two years before you, influence your decision at all?

JH: Yeah J Sig was my biggest influence I saw his success an how he helped the team I felt I could do the same for the program. And I wanted to check out the east coast a little.

7) In a recap of last year, I lamented how Scotty McRae, another transfer, exploded in his final month at UA- by time he established his role, it was time for him get his diploma. The 2 year transfer is completely different animal than a freshman recruit. Any insight into the transfer situation for us fans? Exciting to get a fresh start? Frustrating?

JH: Exciting because you made it to that D1 level and you have a chance to get the NCAA tourney . Frustrating because you have to learn a whole new system and change from the fast paste style of play to a more half court-set and adjust your game.

8. I don’t know if you’re a stats guy- but if you take a look at kenpom, you are the most efficient offensive player UA has had in recent years behind only Jon Iati and Brent Wilson. Clearly you know how a thing or two about playing good basketball- what’s your advice to younger players?

JH: I just go out and leave it all out on the floor an let the game come to me, but I felt at times I could have been a bit more aggressive.

Don't remind us, Jerel....

I’m probably going to catch heat for saying this but How Bout them Rangers

~ by TheMidRangeGame on October 27, 2010.

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