Scrimmages and Snacks

Will Brown has a luncheon this evening, but lets first catch up on the relevant scrimmage. Last weekends closed scrimmage against Columbia went “‘just okay” but said the scrimmage, but Will said the day after via tweet, “Yesterday was about opportunity. We will treat next scrimmage like a game. Especially with rotation.” A home scrimmage against Bucknell is coming up this Saturday, November 6th.

Here are some bare-bones notes from today’s Will Brown Luncheon:

– No chemistry on team last year

– Played half-court offense in order to lose by less and to play to Gifford’s strengths (… alright, the second part was my addition)

– Going for 9-man rotation

– Will not name starters yet

-On Moore: the best defensive player on team

– On Ambrose : he needs to keep it simple, play solid defense based on scouting reports and be aggressive on offensive. Brown will accept turnovers/dumb plays on offense

– On Watts: multi-position but limited because of injury playing in softball game with administration

– Will loves Devlin and Puk

– On Lindfors: too inconsistent mentally

– Hatcher adjusting to rigors of D1 hoop (ie – won’t see the court)

– No mention of Allen, Iati, Tartt, Urli

Siena's Brandon Walters showcasing his beard

And for those couch scouts out there, here are notes from a few other scrimmages concerning UA: Vermont fans were pleased with a victory over Concordia and Siena secured a shaky victory over Adelphi. The biggest takeaway for me from the Siena exhibition might have been that Seton Hall transfer Brandon Walters established himself as having the best facial hair in the Capital Region rivalry. That is James Harden-esc. That’s ok with me. It only creates the perfect Hollywood set up for Blake Metcalf, with a long playoff beard after a March post-season run, to break out the Brian Wilson impersonation.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on November 4, 2010.

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