America East Preseason All-Conference Predictions

No, I did not have the audacity to put Mike Black on my All-Conference team... but that's only because I believe in the element of surprise.

My plan is be like Dickie V: frequently revise predictions, only acknowledge my correct ones, and pull out the laryngitis card if pressed further. I’m well on my way as I’ve already made a few changes from my last go at it.

1st Team:

G: Chris Martin, Stony Brook

G: Gerald McLemore, Maine

G/F: John Holland, Boston University

F: Greer Wright, Binghamton

F: Jake O’Brien, Boston University

I’m sticking with Martin as a my sleeper pick- someone needs to make things happen for Stony Brook on offense and Martin’s slashing ability should be the answer. Also, I took the advice of the coaches and slid O’Brien up- he’s going to score a lot of points this season. Hard to argue with any of the other three.

2nd Team:

G: Chris De La Rosa, UMBC

G: Alvin Abreu, New Hampshire

G: Bryan Dougher, Stony Brook

F: Evan Fjeld, Vermont

F: Mahamoud Jabbi, Binghamton

I dropped Fjeld from the first team, as both Glass and Bald could to overtake him at the offensive end. Even so, his defensive and rebounding aren’t to be overlooked. CDLR, formerly of Siena, is at center of an overhauled UMBC team and their succeed depends on how well he can run the show. Don’t count me as sold on Abreu overall, he has a long way to offensively, but he puts up the biggest numbers on a solid, experienced team. Dougher is another question mark- can he keep up his production now that defenses will be able to key on him? Jabbi was the AE Block King last season and he should be a double double guy this year.

And finally, in a move I borrowed from the Cornell Basketball Blog, an Honorable Mention List so generous that I’ll feel foolish if someone not in this list makes first or second team:

G: Logan Aronhalt, Albany

G: Mike Black, Albany

G: Tim Ambrose, Albany (I’m not writing him off yet!)

C: Kyrie Sutton, Binghamton

F: Patrick Hazel, Boston University

G: Joe Zeglinski, Hartford

F: Murphy Burnatowski, Maine

G: Terrance Mitchell, Maine

F: Sean McNally, Maine

G: Tyrone Conley, New Hampshire

F: Dane Diliegro, New Hampshire

F: Ferg Myrick, New Hampshire

F: Dallis Joyner, Stony Brook

F: Travis King, UMBC

F: Adrian Satchell, UMBC

G: Brendan Bald, Vermont

F: Matt Glass, Vermont

Let me know if I’m missing anyone, for some reason I feel like I’m overlooking a second string swingman…

~ by TheMidRangeGame on November 8, 2010.

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