Cornell Post Game

– Defense, much better defensive switching then last year. Closeout on shooter especially on drives was nice to see, people swarmed to the ball.

– Offense, team shot over 50% from the field. That’s nice to see, hopefully they can keep it up. Need more penetration and kick, not bad though. There is a decent foundation to work with here. Spacing was also good.

– Black – was in control of the game, blew by the Big Red defenders at will, then he got hurt.
– Ambrose – played an efficient game, must cut down on the TO’s, some silly play down the stretch but we needed someone who could break the D down.
– Devlin – I was most impressed with him. Smart and tough, battles on the boards with vigor and passion. Contrast that to last year, big difference. Will be a very good player for us, looking forward to seeing more from him. That 3 at the end of the game showed ice in his veins. In his first game as a D1 player, he was one rebound short of a double/double, impressive.
– Puk, very mobile, especially compared to Giff. Cornell couldn’t get anything inside today, every time they went inside especially in the first half, there was Puk and Devlin waiting on them. Those two together could be our starting 4 and 5 for the next 4 years, both are active especially Luke.
– Metcalf, lunch pail, didn’t get much time but still pulled down 5 boards
– Concerned about backup PG, both Watts and Iati are backups there, not starters. Not at this point at least. I can see both playing well there in limited minutes, Black is just much much better at this point.

Again, there is talent here, we starter four underclassmen today and played well. Cornell bombed us to death from 3, putting up 28 three pointers.

~ by ClickClack on November 13, 2010.

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