Get On Our Level! Fairleigh Dickinson Preview

No matter what, we can be sure that Luke Devlin will make faces of incredible intensity (UAlbany Athletics)

The former starting center on my high school basketball team attends Fairleigh Dickinson, so I thought I’d see if he was attending the Stony Brook game and then could pass along some inside info. He responded, “I’m at the FDU campus that isn’t D1.” Ha great!, I thought, won’t be too hostile of a home crowd if they don’t take it seriously enough to even consider it D1!

When I re-read the message, though, I realized it might not be so metaphorical. I did some wiki-ing. As it turns out there are two separate FDU campuses, the campus outside the city has DIII teams nicknamed the Devils, while the teams at the city campus are D1 and named the Knights. So now you know.

But to be honest, if we end up on the wrong campus and play the Devils instead of the Knights… I’ll take a win any way we can get it.

Saturday night is our best chance to win, oh, for only the next seventeen games. It will be an awfully long december if kenpom is correct and the Great Danes do not notch a win until January 20th.

As you likely have heard, Mike Black is out again for FDU. I’m relieved. The way he requested an MRI that Will Brown did not think necessary implies that Black has not had this experience before and I do not want to see him suit up until he’s 100% comfortable. The one thing we can be sure of, is that if Black re-injures himself and is gone for the season, we might as well power down the blog, rip up the tickets, and try to become a fan of the NBA.

Onto FDU’s team:

Guard Oriented Team, Defensive Oriented Coach: Coach Vetrone describes himself as a defensive coach and his best players are are the guard position, so what does that equate to? Press, press, press! Expect the Knights to try and ratchet up the pressure, as any team facing UA should… The nice thing though, is that FDU doesn’t have ACC caliber athletes or much depth.

Lost By Seven to a Cold Shooting Stony Brook team: FDU dropped their first game to Stony Brook, but that does not have me as confident as you would think. The problem is, Stony Brook has the best backcourt in the America East. Two experienced seniors in Dougher and Martin can hold their own against most mid-majors in the country. FDU has a more favorable matchup against our guards. Mike Scott in particular should not be looked at as a pushover-  the former TCU player is their leading returning scorer (12.6 PPG along with 5.4 APG), but perhaps as frightening is that he led the team in steals. If the Danes are sloppy, Scott, who scored 20 on SBU, will have a field day.

Keep Kamil Off the Glass: 6’8 forward Kamil Svrdlik was a reserve last season, but he appears to be the player who will fill the rebounding void left by the outgoing class. He grabbed 14 boards in the opener, including 5 offensive. His 5-6 shooting night sounds like he is a lay-up/dunk-only player. UAlbany should be able to match up inside as FDU has no true skilled, offensive threat, but that advantage will be negated if they give up second chance points.

Do Not Defrost: The x-factor for FDU could be Briahn Smith. He is a 6’4 transfer who was a big time scorer in JUCO. He jacked up 8 threes against SBU but only made one- Albany has to make sure that he does not get on track.

Prediction: A win might be a little too bold, but I’m feeling a strong showing that will give this team confidence before Black returns. As always, Logan is key and, if I had to put money on it, I’d bet that he will show up tonight.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on November 20, 2010.

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