Know Thy Enemy: Iona

Gerardo Suero: El Futuro? (

Before Gael-ing, congratulations to Coach Brown for piecing together a great recruiting class.  I’m holding my breath until opening day when Gerardo Suero actually steps onto the court as a Great Dane… but if it all goes as planned, he is an unbelievable pick-up. Will Brown told the Record (the Capital Region publication of choice) that Suero, who played at the same high school as Ambrose and Jamar, is better than Jamar Wilson… according to Jamar Wilson himself. Suero should comfortably slide right into Ambrose’s spot in a low pressure situation with two then upperclassmen guards, Black and Aronhalt, who already know their roles. It could be real pretty basketball folks…. But getting wayyyy ahead of myself: IONA.

Inside-Out: Iona is the most complete team UAlbany has played so far; they have an elite inside-out combination in Michael Glover and Scott Machado.

Cover the Glove?: Glover, a 6’7 manchild, was supposed to go to the Seton Hall in the Big East before his eligibility fell through (TU’s gamenotes are incorrect, he never actually played there) and he played juco ball out west. He’s back east this season and tearing it up- and getting hacked in the process. In four games, he’s attempted 15 free throws twice, that’s at least eight fouls drawn (he shot 8 free throws in the other two games). Young and inexperienced as our frontcourt is, Glover could easily get two of our guys in foul trouble. This would be especially problematic because Puk might be shut down for the week to heal his achilles (thanks to UAalum72 for patrolling the radiowaves). The key for UA seems to be to keep Metcalf on the floor- he can bang, but he can pick up a few quick fouls as fast as anybody. If Puk can’t go, leaving Lindfors and Devlin to fend for themselves down low sounds like trouble. Could we see Will reach deep into his bench for Theo Hatcher?

Contain Machado: It seems inevitable that Glover will get his points, but former MAAC rookie of the year and preseason all-league pick Machado, a 6’1 guard, is the player UA must contain- if Glover and Machado are both on, this game will be out of reach. He’s off to a hot start with 15.5 PPG, 5.5 APG and 5.5 RPG. Outside of these two, there are a few role players who can hurt you with their range,  Jermel Jenkins and Kyle Smyth, but no game changers. Putting the clamps on Machado, the hub of their offense, could give the Great Danes a chance.

Back with Black: (Edit: Black will not go tonight)

All in All: UAlbany will get their 10+ from Tim and Logan, but to win this game will require a strong scoring for a 3/4th option. Iona has good group of vet guards, so I think to spring the upset, UA will need a big game from a scoring forward, Devlin or even Lindfors. It will likely shake out that this is the best MAAC team we play all year so a victory on Tuesday night would be a signature win.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on November 23, 2010.

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