Going Down to Motown, Part 2: Detroit

I’m emotionally drained from the game last night, so I have no idea how we can expect the players will respond. But there is no reason for them to hang their heads- they have already produced the most encouraging stat from UAlbany in two years:

Possessions Off. Rat. Def. Rat.
Sat, Nov 20 FDU 61.2 117.5 75.1
Tue, Nov 23 Iona 60.8 107.0 141.5
Fri, Nov 26 Detriot 75.6 108.5 111.1

UAlbany has had an offensive rating well above average (100.0) for the last three games; the Great Danes did not do that once last season. The ball is definitely rolling in the right direction.

Niagara Purple Eagles, Purple v. Purple.

Point Guard Parallel: Anthony Nelson, the team’s senior leader and point guard played his first game of the season against Bowling Green after being sidelined with an elbow to the face in practice. He played 32 minutes in his return but his box indicates a little rust, 4 points, 5 boards, 4 assists and 5 turnovers.

Another Dad Headline?? Albany made a point to schedule every team in the country with a famous dad plot line. Leading scorer Antoine Mason is the son of NBA player Anthony Mason, but the freshman sat out the Bowling Green game with a sore foot.

Young and Short: Freshman Antoine Mason, Marvin Jordan, Malcolm Lemmons and Skylar Jones all have seen starter’s minutes throughout the year. Of the top 7 players in Niagara’s rotation, none is taller than 6’5. Their top inside threat is 6’5 junior Kashief Edwards (15 PPG and 6.5 RPG). There is no Eli Holman tonight- both John Puk, if he goes, and Luke Devlin should see favorable matchups all night.

Guards, guards, guards: Niagara has a lot of quick, athletic guards and, especially if Mike Black sits, Albany will have to make sure it can handle the pressure.

All in All: UAlbany will not be punished by playing small, so I expect we’ll see plenty of Billy Allen at the four. I hope we see some Russell Moore and Derrek Tartt to prevent the ball penetration that will inevitably happen against Iati and Watts. With the same effort, good rebounding, oh and a few made free throws (Timmy Ambrose with an almost flawless game last night outside the charity strike) this will be a game. Logan, keep shooting. He had some good looks with his shoulders set, just please cut out those wild flings, that’s not your game. Here we go, Game 2!

~ by TheMidRangeGame on November 27, 2010.

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