Motown, the Last Dance: Bowling Green Falcons

Not that Dee Brown (

UAlbany beat Niagara, Niagara beat Bowling Green. So we should win this easy, right? Vegas doesn’t agree with logic, though. This Great Dane team goes out and competes, but it’s impossible to tell how much they have left in the tank- and the same goes for the Falcons. I do know that it would be an embarrassment for Bowling Green to leave Detroit with three losses. I expect a scrappy effort from them (they have played Detroit and Niagara close).

Bowling Green is a tall team, aside from 5’6 point guard Jordon Crawford. 6’3 Dee Brown has been their go-to guy this tournament, but even he has not shot particularly. The x-factor will be Scott Thomas; the 6’7 small forward was touted as Louis Orr‘s best player, but his sluggish start to the season has carried over into Detroit. And that’s all I’ve got. Team with the bigger heart that gets after it on the glass will probably take this game…. or Logan Aronhalt could just go Rambo on the nets again.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on November 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Motown, the Last Dance: Bowling Green Falcons”

  1. Well it appears this young Dane squad has a little heart and alot of moxie. Struugle as they might they hung around and stole a W instead of taking an L like last season’s crew would have.

    Black gave it his all but after being out a couple of weeks and forced to play 3 games in three nights he hit the wall early in the second half.
    Puk just couldn’t go all out three days in a row on a bad achilles and logged 18 minutes.

    Logan struggled but he played on and hit a few big shots to keep us in it. 124 minutes in 3 nights with every defense keying on you has to be a tough work load.

    Of all people Blake Metcalf hit the big bucket to help get us the win.

    These guys will need some time off just to recuperate.

    Nice to win 2 of 3!!!!

  2. Didn’t get a chance to follow it live, and certainly did not miss a work of art, but you have to admire the way this team has held their ground and eeked out tough games on tired/ injured legs. Love the direction this team is going in!

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