America East Continues To Shower UAlbany With love

The America East continues to shower UAlbany with love. A day after a Great Dane sweep of the weekly awards, the AE blog posted a nice profile on the team today.

A couple of Will Brown quotes:

“What we need to realize is that we have a nine-man rotation and eight of those kids are freshmen and sophomores.”

If it wasn’t clear already, Russell Moore is definitely out of the rotation. That said, winning games plus that type of youth is a wise way for Will Brown to go about getting a contract extension.

And I hadn’t heard the full story on Logan before, sixteen months is quite a long time:

“I think what people don’t realize about Logan is that he was inactive for about 16 months. He had two foot surgeries and he had a screw put in and removed. He then had bone graphs and another screw put in. So, he wasn’t even cleared to start jogging until October 1st of last year and wasn’t even close to his comfort zone until the final five or six games last season.”

~ by TheMidRangeGame on November 30, 2010.

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