Sleeping With The Enemy: Siena Saints

We invited the folks over at the Siena Saints blog to participate in a Q&A and they kindly took some time to provide answers. You can also check out the Purple and Gold Nation’s answers (that were edited) to few hard hitting questions posed by the Siena blog.

Siena Fans: Promoting Employment for Additional Security Guards Since 1937 (Times Union)

PGN: Let’s start right off with the heart and soul of your team: Lebron Rossiter (so dubbed by a few clever folks at the AE forum). How on earth did he get so good? Just how good is he?

Ryan Rossiter really is among the elite forwards in the country. This kid has just been a complete beast—already taking home two of the three MAAC Player of the Week awards and setting a school record with 37 double-doubles. Your fans have probably seen him once or twice now, but I really encourage you to watch everything he does off the ball. His ability to position himself for almost every rebound is really something that just goes beyond teaching. If you were to ask me, to a mid major team, he’s more than Lebron to this team. Not only does he average a double double with nearly 15 points a night, you can look back to last year and see those consistent numbers too, but he has the best Basketball IQ on the team.

What’s the strength and style of play of this team? What changes have you seen under Mitch Buonaguro ?

The styles really are very similar, the Saints score when they are pushing the basketball, plain and simple. Turnovers create breakouts and ultimately scoring opportunities. It’s very similar to the Fran McCaffery era and you can see in our freshman PG Rahkeem Brookins that this style is not going to change for a long time.

Did Fran jump ship at the perfect time? After three straight recruiting classes peppered with All-MAAC performers, there seems to be a big drop off after the Class of 2011.

Anyone could have seen that move coming from a mile away, maybe not specifically to Iowa, but everybody knew he was going to land a major conference spot after last season. Nothing more telling than the fact that Fran would ride those guys for 35+ minutes a night. Fran really did an incredible thing—he completely turned around a program in the dumps in just 5 years. Most people don’t truly appreciate that. After his first season, the team was in every conference tournament championship for four consecutive years.

Clarence Jackson has been hampered this year by double teams. What does Siena need to do to make sure he gets going?

Butler came out and made it their job to shut down Clarence Jackson and they did a great job of it too. The way Jackson will get going is when the Saints get a third option going. Owen Wignot and OD Anosikie appear to be the favorites to be that third option.

You were plagued with injuries coming into the season; how’s the health of this squad? (just in case you need excuses after the game, it’s best to be prepared)

Kyle Downey, who started in the NCAA Tournament game last year in place of Clarence Jackson, has been out since the start of the season. Downey has said he expects to be back for Saturday’s game and he will likely be the 6th man off the bench for the Saints if he plays. A few players had lingering preseason injuries but the team has been relatively healthy in 2010 thus far.

Who else should we worry about aside the big two? Is Rakeem Brookins the future? Can he be a true point guard for time being?

Brookins appears to be taking over the point guard spot and his ability to score could make a difference throughout the season. In the Saints trip to Minnesota, Brookins basically took over in the final two minutes, showing off his ability to create off the dribble and find his way to the basket.

Did you ever imagine that you’d actually miss Chris De La Rosa?

The Saints wish De La Rosa the best after he transferred to UMBC after his freshman year. I liked De La Rosa as a player and I could understand that he seeked more playing time and he is cashing in at UMBC averaging double digit points per game and putting up gawdy assist numbers.

Mitch told Rodger Wyland that he thought playing his starters big minutes would give him the best chance against Siena. Will loosen the reins Mitch to apply more defensive pressure against UAlbany?

Siena has been active in its pressure this year, I wouldn’t expect anything less on Saturday.

Is it a recruiting advantage that the TU would prefer to interview a stray jockstrap in the Siena locker room than write a blog post about UAlbany?

I just hope they don’t take a photo of the stray jockstrap for the story.

Who do you think will be assigned to cover our blossoming sharp shooter, Logan Aronhalt?

Siena has been mixing up their defenses earlier in the year, but if I had to guess, I would think either Clarence Jackson or Owen Wignot would start out against Aronhalt.

How is Siena’s art program? Chances are we cut ours, but someone really should to design a trophy or jug of some sort to be awarded to the winner of this rivalry game. Maybe a miniature Nipper. Any suggestions?

I believe there is a cup, somewhere, in the bowels of the Times Union Center just waiting to be revealed in the postgame of Saturday’s game. Can I just completely deflect this question and talk about how stupid those cement trucks are? I am sure now that I said that, they are probably donated by some charity or something. But really, what are those supposed to represent? If anything this should be called The Battle in the Kennel or something like that. Albany Cup could be the lamest name for a rivalry I’ve ever heard.

As for our Art program, while we do have one, I can assure you that a Liberal Arts college with 3,000 kids where everyone graduates with a degree in Marketing & Management doesn’t put a lot of investment into their Art program.

Predictions for the game?

Siena 75, UAlbany 70. I don’t think we’re in for another 3 OT thriller, but this one should be close.

What is the Siena post game bar? Does it depend solely on number of fake ids accepted?

I’ll give you the most traditional answers I know. If you’re a UA fan, stay out of Broadway Joe’s, that’s Saint territory. To be honest, I don’t even think the students do pre-game bar festivities anymore. You might find them at Pearl St. or the Bayou or something like that, but I can’t confirm any of that. The dedicated alumni hit up Broadway Joe’s after the game.

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Special thanks also to Casual Hoya, from whom I have blatantly ripped off both the title and the concept of this blog post.

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