Russell Moore Departs

At the start of the year, we predicted that Russell Moore would turn out similar to either Jerel Hastings or the similarly named Rob Moores….we just never thought we’d find out so soon.

This morning, Mark McGuire posted that Moore has left the team and is unlikely to return. The new is not completely out of left field, as Moore was not on the bench for the Siena or Yale game.

The strangest thing may have been the potential Moore had. Will Brown promoted his defense and ability throughout the off-season and then started him on opening day. He played 15 minutes the first game, 19 the second… then four at the hyper-athletic Georgia Tech, one in each of the following games. The last time we saw him was garbage time at Iona. In his time on the floor, you could tell why Brown had him touted him as the best defender on the team, his lateral movement was quick and effortless. But something was missing. In those two games, he was the definition of a non-factor: 1-3 FG, 3 assists, 1 turnover, 4 boards. He didn’t do anything good or bad, he hardly left a trace. Lack of aggression? Confidence? Desire?

Yes, he did start in front of Tim Ambrose, and there is no way that should have been the case, in fact, it may have been just what Ambrose need to get his head straight and earn his way back. So inevitably his minutes would slip, but with Black on the sidelines, Moore lost minutes out to Jacob Iati and Ralph Watts… in games where our guards were getting blown by again and again. The situation screamed for Moore. The fact that he didn’t seemed to say something else was up. Apparently Moore, who is from Louisiana, was homesick this year and did not adjust to Albany as well as him and the staff had hoped. I’d say it was the freezing weather and wind tunnel that is the UAlbany campus… but he did come from Chicago.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on December 8, 2010.

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