Happy Birthday, Mike Black!

Mike suited up for his UAlbany Athletics page

Mike Black turns 20 today and what great gifts does the Purple and Gold Nation have to bestow on him? Weighty, if not impossible expectations along with the hopes and dreams of every UAlbany fan!!! We’ve seen life without Black and we know how everything falls apart, offense, defense, the basic ability to dribble, if he’s not playing heavy minutes. And now we know the cavalry isn’t coming- with Russell Moore departed, the guards behind Black do not have skill level and athletic ability to keep the team afloat.

No one can question his heart, his performance on a bum ankle against Siena was nothing short of heroic. Will Brown cannot help but leave him on the floor. We go as far as he can take us, and to get this team near the top of the league, Black is going to have to step up his game to even another level. Kenpom now has individual statistics up and to start of the year, Black’s TO% is the same as last year 30%, while his Assist rate has dipped considerably to 15%. To be clear, I’m not panicking, I’m actually quite calm. I think it will be a struggle for him to lower the turnover rate, but that is a worthwhile sacrifice for pushing the tempo. As he gets healthier, I expect that to creep down and, hopefully, we’ll see his ORtg and Assist rate shoot back up. Call me crazy, but I’m starting to see things Will’s way… Black is the best point guard in the AE. The Great Danes are in the middle of one of the longer rest periods that they have all year, so heal up Mike, we’re counting on you.

News and Notes:

Tim Ambrose was named the AE POW, the second Great Dane so far! Did this happen even once last year…?

-If you’re thinking of gambling next season and must bet against the Danes, do it after the Siena game. ClickClack approximated that we are something like 1-8 after the Albany Cup… I could do some fact checking, but it’s not a pleasant stat and we’re up against finals week so we’ll take his word for it.

-Insane night around the AE yesterday: The hapless Binghamton squad would’ve pulled off a miracle upset of Hofstra, but Greer Wright missed a free throw that allowed Charles Jenkins to tie it at the buzzer. Hartford blew a twenty point lead in eight minutes. And Maine ground their way to an impressive win a UMass.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on December 9, 2010.

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