All Aboard! The UAlbany Bandwagon is Now Boarding

Kim Jong-Il is considering making UAlbany's game film against MSM mandatory for motivational purposes

If you want to talk in depth about the weaponization of North Korea or Chekhov’s “Three Sisters,” you’ve come to the right place. Thankfully finals are over and there were others on hand as UAlbany pulverized another NEC team. Here’s what I’ve cobbled together.

Tim Ambrose is rollin’ at historic AE levels as One Bid Wonder found out with a bit of stat checking.

Matt Whitlock of OBW, who was live blogging from the game, has this to say at half time:

[The Mount’s] press isn’t working, and even when it doesn’t lead to a quick basket for UA the halfcourt defense isn’t disruptive enough to get Albany out of its sets. Albany’s scorers are too good, you have to interrupt things before the set leads to an open shot

Goodness, you mean the press, our kryptonite of all kryptonites, isn’t effecting us!?! Whitlock also notes our our trap press gave MSM fits.

And when the wins are rolling in, five of six now, the opponents have no choice but to agree with Black’s new nickname for the big three:

“I call it a three-headed monster, but it’s not ugly. It’s very attractive. I’m the main one.”

I’ll let those three sort out the beauty contest on their own time, but I know what numbers I like: 12, 12, 11. Those are field goals attempted from Ambrose, Logan and Black.  During the current run, these three have spread out the shots made it impossible to key in on one player. As long these three are on the floor and they keep pushing the ball, UAlbany can play with anyone in the America East.

One Gripe: In general, the +/- is a shaky one, but not so much for a point guard and not so much for Jacob Iati when the rest of his team was red hot. -7 points in 6 minutes of play. As good as the big three are, there is nothing behind them. Keep forcing Watts minutes and, as ClickClack often calls for, more Tartt!

Onto Colgate Wednesday, who just got stomped by Maine, for what should be an easy victory and a WINNING RECORD!

~ by TheMidRangeGame on December 19, 2010.

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