Sleeping with the Enemy: Colgate Raiders

The search to find a Colgatian to answer the ‘Nation’s questions did not look promising, but fortunately Markes Gonzalez, a sports writer for the university’s Colgate Maroon-News, emerged at the last minute. Markes, for your service as a good ambassador of Colgate, have yourself a chipwich.
PGN: You’ve been covering Colgate for the uni paper, outside of yourself, how many students have witnessed a Colgate basketball game this season? What the crowd will be for Wednesday’s game?
We’ve only had two games on the year. Our opening season game against Binghamton was a huge turnout. 3/4 of the students section was full. Against New Hampshire, the crowd wasn’t as full, but there was a decent turnout. I don’t think Wednesday’s game will have the greatest turnout because everyone is on break. I’m guessing family, local community members and foreign students staying on campus may go.
Who are Raiders’ top scorers and how do they do their damage? Top rebounders?

Junior forward Yaw Gyawu is the leading scorer and rebounder at 12 and 5 per game. He’s an athletic forward that will get his buckets around the rim. Mike Venezia (9.2ppg) and Joe Hoban (8.4ppg) are next. Those guys are shooters.

Is Emmett Davis on the hot seat? How has he managed to hang onto his job this long?

I don’t think coach Davis is on the seat. The Raiders caught bad breaks during the first 3 or 4 games where they were in the game and lost it. They’ve also faced Duke and ‘Cuse, who aren’t exactly the worst teams in the NCAA. The players rally around Coach Davis and things will turn around.

The freshman class does seem to have potential, have you seen anything out of Pat Moore or Chad Johnson that has impressed you?

Generally freshman don’t make much of an impact, but I’ve seen and heard good things about these two guys. Basketball fans love Johnson’s energy and he may potentially be the heart of this time in a few years. Pat Moore has shown he can really shoot the ball, but because he is a freshman he’s going to be inconsistent.

How on earth is Mitch Rolls still at point guard? His numbers are anemic on a good day. Is there hope he’ll bounce back closer to last year’s form or is there just no other option?

Rolls stepped in for the injured Venezia last year and was a good guard as a freshman. There’s no doubt he’s struggled with his shot this year. He has to shoot better than 30% from the field. If he doesn’t improve we may potentially see Johnson or Moore step into his place and take his minutes. He’s such a good shooter though and I expect him to step his game up as the season progresses.

Colgate gave out chipwich sandwiches when I went on their college tour? Do they still do that? My mom still raves about how personalized everything was at Colgate.

They still do. I’m going to guess that the admissions office has a storage system full with a million chipwiches. Colgate is a very inviting place that just makes you feel at home. Colgate is heavily tradition-oriented.

What do kids do for fun at Colgate? The reputation is hard liquor. Is there anything to do in Hamilton? Do you venture out to Turningstone?

For those who are 21 there are plenty of bars downtown to enjoy, but there are things to do for people who do not drink. The Hamilton Theater is always showing movies. There’s a cafe called the Barge that is host to many talents (singing/poetry..etc). Turningstone is always an option for those who like to gamble, also Syracuse is less than an hour away. There’s my favorite restaurant Dinosaur bbq there, which is reason enough to go there.

What does Colgate have to do to win this game?

They have to play the entire 40 minutes, they cannot simply play a good first half. They have to play with intensity throughout the entire game. This game is going to be up to the guards Venezia/Rolls and the other youngsters. Gyawu is going to put up solid numbers, this game will be on the guards.

Finally, what’s your prediction for the game?

My prediction is 68-66 Colgate. No doubt, UAlbany is a good team but this Colgate team is overdue for a win. They’re going to come back to Hamilton to win this for Coach Davis, or at least I hope so!

~ by TheMidRangeGame on December 22, 2010.

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