Will Brown is Santa Claus

Once this blog gets huge, we need to invest more in the tech. department

First of all, Merry Christmas to the vast and loyal readership of this blog!

If most in the Purple and Gold Nation were to fit Coach Will Brown into a Santa metaphor before the season began, it probably would’ve involved Lee McElroy putting coal in Brown’s stocking. Sitting here in my not so long ago unwrapped UAlbany hat, we have to admit that Will Brown has brought us everything on the UAlbany fan’s wish list.

UAlbany is a contender again, in the top 4 so far in the league in just about any measure (power rankings, kenpom, or straight standings), we’re above .500, Will has finally figured out how to push the right buttons and maximize Tim Ambrose’s potential. Will is always high on his newcomers, but this year he’s been right on, especially when the team struggled mightily when Black went down.

After running an unstable and unpredictable rotation, Will Brown has cut bench minutes almost in half this year and stuck with his starters. He’s let Ambrose and Mike Black push the tempo and how about his virtuoso coaching performance against Siena.

After the Xavier game, I’ll probably have a host of doubts about our athleticism and bench, but for today, we shoot well, play hard, defend better and I couldn’t be much happier. This is a fun a group of kids to watch and root for. Merry Christmas, Coach, and thanks for the good work.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on December 26, 2010.

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