12/30: UAlbany @ The Wagner Seahawks

The only sea birds you'll see in Staten Island.

No Wagner bloggers or school paper to be found, so it looks like we are forced to forgo our insider info segment- which is unfortunate as our  Sleeping With The Enemy rightly informed us that we should be terrified of Jamel McLean. By now you probably know that former Duke great Bobby Hurly is on the staff, but did you know that Bill Murray’s son is also an assistant on the staff?! Well now you do. Ken Pomeroy has wagered that UAlbany (249) has a 63% chance of losing to Wagner (262) in a close match (65-62). Below the jump are how some of the specifics break down:

Wagner Offense vs UAlbany Defense Ranks

Wagner Off. UA Defense Advantage
Efficiency 288 305 push
Effective FG% 215 195 push
Turnover % 294 300 push
Off. Reb. % 341 261 UA
FTA/FGA 71 35 push
UAlbany Offense vs Wagner Defense Ranks

UA Offense Wagner Def. Advantage
Efficiency 194 195 push
Effective FG% 87 77 push
Turnover % 224 95 Wagner big
Off. Reb. % 129 271 UA big
FTA/FGA 289 341 UA

What jumps out is that Wagner’s offense is not very good and that UAlbany must take care of the basketball- forcing turnovers is a big strength of the Seahawks.  6-5 athletic guard Tyler Murray (not related to anyone famous as far as I know) is the man the fear- he’s the leading scorer and only player with an offensive rating over 100. Listening Derrek Tartt? With Watts out and indications that we’ll see some more Tartt, I expect his main task will be to chase Murray around so the big 3 have a chance to save their legs. Don’t sleep on guards Chris Martin and freshman Latif Rivers, who can put up numbers. I’m also not sure what to expect from 6-11 freshman Naofall Folahan who dropped 19 points on Princeton.

The Old Fashion Video Stream: The game will be on the TV via TW3 and, apologies to Rodger and Erik, couldn’t be happier. I now know plenty how this team feels, but I’m excited to see how they execute and bounce back from a big loss at Xavier.

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