Stahhhten Stumble

Nothing Dropping In Staten Island (Yahoo)

This game was similar to how in a mis-matched backyard game of hoops, the better player will spot the lesser player points- but the conclusion is inevitable. Well, Albany was spotted 9 points to start the game and they spent the rest of the game steadily giving it up- slowly at first then in bunches in the second half until the final 15 point deficit. The thing is Wagner wasn’t supremely talented, nor did they seem to have a skill player better than Ambrose or Black, they just out-worked and out-executed the Danes.

I drafted my pre-season report and I reflected on what a solid done Will Brown has done on the sidelines- but today I felt Dan Hurley thoroughly out-coached Brown. Hurley’s team had tremendous ball pressure defense and some of the best screen defense I have ever seen. Ambrose and Black continually had to loop out towards half court as the screener’s man hedged- textbook Duke defense. Black was the only one able to keep the defense on their heels (and at times Ambrose, but he didn’t handle it as well), but otherwise, there was no solution, no counter attack or adjustment in the second half. We’re an offense based on screening, but that rarely led to open looks. There was no attempt at backdoor cuts or other strategy to make them pay for their aggressive nature. And on the other end, the match-up zone had a trouble actually matching up. Wagner repeatedly used sound ball movement to get easy layup on the opposite block.

To Albany’s credit, Black and Ambrose took the ball right at their defense (including a few charge calls I was less than pleased with) and found a way to get points when the team could not buy a bucket. Hopefully they keep that mindset when the shots are dropping as well.

Bill Murray in the stands!

Blair Witch Project: Staten Island. The camera work was hysterically bad- for most of the first half there was a blind spot in the left corner on Wagner’s side because there was a pole or something obstructing the view. Great Work. And of course the thickly accented Staten Islander who is a Wagner lifer who was surprisingly praiseworthy of the Danes (“you know this team will hang in there”… when I think all UAlbany fans could see us fading and fading fast).

If Luke Devlin dedicates himself in the off-season, develops his strength and quickness so he can execute the post moves he has, he could be a dominant player. Big if’s though. Hopefully we continue to see production from him.
Mike Black only offense end of the half

Logan got some rest due to fouls, but he still appeared out of sync in the second half. He did a nice job getting to the line a few times, but if he cannot hit open shots (and maybe track down some of his own misses) the UAlbany offense is going to have a hard to succeeding.

Tartt, Tartt, Tartt: He was not impressive, but he has a better handle and his defender gave him more respect than anyone but Black. We need someone who can hang onto the ball off the bench and put pressure on the defense…but after his lone, wild shot, he dogged it back down the floor on the fast break. He was yanked right after that and I’m glad Will doesn’t stand for that, but we need Tartt to get his head straight and take the pressure off of Black at the point.

Yahtzee! As Iati’s drove and heaved up a shot to end the half, our expert TV crew repeatedly called him “Yahtzee.”

No nose: Puk doesn’t have a nose for the ball. He gets rebounds in his area, but he does not have a good feel for tracking down rebounding. The offensive boards UA surrendered were brutal- two guys in purple motionless while Wagner players sprinted after the ball.

Dear Logan’s Shot,

Please come back.


The Purple and Gold Nation

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