Will Brown Saran Wraps Opponents’ Basket, UAlbany Wins Opener

Perhaps Coach Brown didn’t put a physical impediment on the New Hampshire Wildcat’s baskets, but he might as well have. 25% percent from the free throw line- really, UNH? The Wildcats went 32% from the field in the first half and managed to out-do themselves in the second half:  28%.

Puk commented in the post-game video: “We communicated so we know who were the shooters and who wasn’t.” Luckily against it wasn’t hard to identify who wasn’t the shooter: anyone with UNH on their chest.

In the words of Clickclack (and I was next to him while he was counting the clangs):

I’m not kidding when I say I sat there counting at halftime as they warmed up, there were only TWO shots that were not layups that went in. At one point there was like 12 shots launched and they all missed some of them really bad.

Less pessimism after the jump and a well deserved congratulations to Will Brown, Mike Black and even the oft-maligned bench!

Mike Black was in total control of the game. He started the game with 7 straight points and New Hampshire had no one who could guard him. Chandler Rhoads was too slow and Black had no problem with the quickness of slight Jordon Bronner. As Clickclack rightly noted, the only stats Mike Black has to worry about is W’s.

Tim Ambrose was also too physical, multiple times shredding defenders for easy looks. His short pull-up wasn’t falling in the first half despite good looks- if it had gone down, this game could have been a blowout at half. Also, thanks to a “light” crowd, I had a chance to slide down into lower level seats and I realized another aspect of the wrecking ball that is Tim Ambrose: fear. When he gets a head of steam on the fast break, people do not want to get in his way.  You are risking life and limb getting between him and the hoop and multiple UNH defenders clearly weren’t up for the challenge of taking a charge.

Will Brown’s substitution method well executed- he found rest for Black on a few occasions and Ambrose and Watts held onto the ball for a few possessions. Watts played solid defense and really seemed more comfortable on the floor without having the responsibilities of point guard. Brown seems to have settled on his seven for now- starters plus Blake and Watts. Sprinkle in a bit of Allen and Lindfors when foul trouble strikes (Jake’s two post moves were the best of the game).

As for Herrion, what is he doing!?! He seemed reluctant to let Myrick into the game and took him out (UNH’s top scoring threat for his slashing ability and ability to hit wide open jumpers) when UAlbany put the lead out of reach for good. And why after starting freshman DeAndray Buckley, he played him only 13 minutes, but I agree with Sam Perkins scouting report, he locked down Logan early on and in the second half repeatedly got inside UAlbany’s zone and kicked out to open shooters… which missed. And Dane DiLiegro never even attempted to establish himself inside (UAlbany did do a nice job of doubling him on one of the few occasions he caught the ball in the post. Brian Benson was a springy, thin post player who UAlbany had a very hard time keeping off the glass. Defensive rebounding is still a weak spot, but the Wildcats couldn’t make them pay.

UAlbany is a first place America East powerhouse (with a balanced scoring attack…?)

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 3, 2011.

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