Reality? Check.

The Vermont game was the ultimate measuring stick for the Danes- if you beat the the best team in the conference in their home arena… well, you’re the best team in the conference. That didn’t happen, but the Danes did hold a miraculous 23-22 lead after an ugly half (disclaimer: I was only able to follow the game via gamecast). Despite shooting around 30% and getting killed on the glass, the Danes took care of the ball (only 3 TO’s to UVM’s eight) and it allowed them to hang around. At least a few fans were outraged at the officiating and I cannot voice either way, but it is suspicious that Ambrose, a player who draws a lot of contact, went 2-14 from inside the arc and took only one foul shot.

Young Will Brown thinks 2010-11 Will Brown is doing a fine job (Albany University)

Dane Pound pointed out on the board: “Bench right now – 0 points, 7 fouls.” Then haggy expanded the sample size: “Throw in your starting 4 and 5, and you have 4 points and 14 fouls” and the problem becomes pretty clear: the “three headed monster” stand alone. And it would take a minor miracle for Will to squeeze production out of these guys. Aside from Devlin, who can score? Maybe Watts or what about Jake Lindfors, who has shown some of the better offensive moves in the post. But these guys are not reliable scorers and likely won’t be by the end of the this season.
And yet… all we’ve really learned that UAlbany is not the AE favorite. It is not time to temper expectation. Our seen, but not heard bench didn’t score, but they managed to pester the league’s best post player, Evan Fjeld, into a quiet 2-7 night. Our best player, and maybe the best player in the league, went 2-14 in the area that is usually his sweet spot. Logan awoke from his lethargic streak and carried the team close enough to keep them in striking range. Also, our normally balanced attack featured only seven shots from Mike Black. There is more production than can be drawn from our floor general.
Strangely, the future is now. Will Brown is among the favorites for coach of the year. Albany has the most feared back court in the America East. The league is down. UNH is all but buried after Ferg Myrick went down for the year, Stony Brook is not the same, Maine already lost to Hartford at home…. What stands between UAlbany and a top four finish is Hartford and Binghamton. Forgive me for not being terrified.
If Albany beats Hartford on the road and springs a few upsets during a difficult Maine/BU homestand, we can reopen the door mark “delusion.” But for now, we’re not kidding ourselves to expect Will to lead the Danes to a top 4 finish and a winning record in conference play.  Oh, and we eagerly await your trip to Albany, Catamounts.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 9, 2011.

One Response to “Reality? Check.”

  1. From the opposing viewpoint, I too anticipate the rematch on the 29th. The first game was ugly. I’d say putrid but my alma mater scored more points, so ugly will do.
    Vermont played poorly. Only some unlikely success at the foul line and UA’s complete lack of inside presence allowed the Catamounts to win. I LOVE your three guards.
    On the 29th, Lonergan’s staff will devise a way to get Fjeld the ball or make someone pay the price for the double team. Accaoui will take more than 6 shots and make more than one 3.
    Ambrose will NOT go 4-17 again.
    In the end, UA can beat the Catamounts at home only if they find some toughness from their bigs. If Vermont outrebounds the Purple Dogs by a dozen again; forget it. Too many opportunities for too crafty a team.
    So, hell yeah! I look forward to that visit as much as you do.
    You’ll recognize me. Probably the only white haired geezer in a UVM sweatshirt at the RACC that night. Or maybe not…..

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