Sleeping With The Enemy: Maine Black Bears

Not sure if Dan is on the right or the left here... (Maine Bear Creek Lodge)

We trying to turn the page on that disheartening loss in Hartford and we have Dan from the Black Bears Pit here to answer our questions on Maine Basketball. Keeping fighting the good fight in hockey country, Dan.

PGN: Pretty down right now after the lowly performance UAlbany came up with in Hartford… but at least you can sympathize a bit (Hartford beat Maine in Orono). How are you feeling about your team right now?

Kind of hard to peg the Black Bears: Great wins followed by head-scratching losses. Not sure if this is the sign of a team on the rise or a team destined for the middle of the pack.

Maine appears a bit leaderless. With the game on the line, who does Maine give the ball to?

(Ed. Note: No answer for this one, perhaps we struck a chord!)

Is Troy Barnies really your best rebounder and scorer? Where is he most dangerous?

Troy Barnies has raised his game and his timing couldn’t be better with the injury sustained by Sean McNally. Barnies has always been a decent percentage shooter – lots of lay-ins and close-in moves around the hoop and he’ll use both hands. But if you asked anybody going into the season who would be the team’s leading scorer and rebounder, it would not have been Barnies.

What’s the read on Gerald McLemore? What players are hot for the Black Bears right now?

Gerald McLemore’s shooting numbers are way down. Maybe he’ll pick up the pace a bit when teams start focusing more on people like Barnies, Mitchell and Singleton. My guess is that AE coaches will just continue to say, ‘OK, if Barnies and Singleton beat us, we’ll live with it. But we’re not going to let McLemore beat us.’ That could become problematic down the stretch as McLemore’s ability to stretch a defense is needed.

I’ve liked Mitchell since the first time I saw him. He’s a feisty competitor on a team that has a history of sinking into long stretches of uninspired play. If this team pushes for the title, I think Mitchell, Barnies and Burnatowski will play huge roles. Not sure what happened with Burnatowski at UMBC, he only played a minute before leaving with a facial injury.

What is your initial impression of Scotsman Alasdair Fraser? The kid is supposed to be a beast down low.

Fraser has had his moments. He’s got a little offensive ability and doesn’t mind banging around. He’s been up and down, though, like a lot of freshman.

Keeping it short: Final prediction for the game?

My guess is that Albany will bounce back against a Black Bears team on its way home from Baltimore and it’ll be a tight game. UMaine’s depth should be the difference.

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