Boston University Preview

Boston University was the coaches (and my) pre-season pick for the America East. They may have not lived up to their expected dominance, but at 2-1 in the league and some nice victories, this team has proven why it’s the most talented team in the league. If this team starts clicking, they have more talent and depth than any team in the league and have the potential to churn through the league. John Holland does not look like an America East player- A strong build, he’s a quick, explosive wing man who stands only a notch shorter than many America East bigs. If him and transfer Darryl Partin (13.3 PPG) are in a groove, this team is almost impossible to beat. Luckily, the poison works both ways. Both of these players are capable of lighting it up from deep, but they are very streaky shooters. Throughout this season, both Holland and Partin have settled for threes that weren’t dropping instead of using their physical advantage to take it inside. So hopefully Will Brown’s match up zone is just pesky enough to throw them off their game.

Wounded Warrior: Jeff Pelage rebounds at a phenominal rate, but a pretty serious foot injury before the season kept him out until recently. Reports from Sam Perkins are that he is still hobbled, but Patrick Chambers has insisted on giving him big minutes- and the payoff has been there. Pelage is grabbing boards, but it also seems muscular senior also has given some stability and leadership to this team. He’s a man we need to keep off the offensive glass and beware of as a shot blocker.

Quickness vs. Lightening: DJ Irving has been called in multiple places the fasted player in the league. The freshman guard has been more than that with 3.2 APG and a sterling 1.7 AST/TO ratio. His ability to break down UVM’s guards was key in their victory. His match up with Mike Black is of central importance. Black must be the better guard, both in keeping Irving from the hoop and breaking him down on defense, or else Albany will really struggle to stay with the Terriers.

X Factor: Of course, it’s Timmy, Timmy, Timmy. Please revert to your old self. He, like Holland, has the physical tools to get it going over weaker opponents. Let’s hope he does.

After the jump, Yo Damien tries to remain calm in the student section:

Another game, another case of the “coulda, shoulda, woulda ‘s”. Luckily however, Coach Brown has this team operating with a very short term memory. We all know this team is young and we all know the leadership is well…unconventional (2 sophomore captains and the lone senior being Tim Ambrose) . Somehow, it’s still business as usual for the Danes. There was plenty of panic amongst some of the fans (admittedly, including myself) in the opening weeks of the season. In defense, one could say it was the logical reaction after the kind of season this program endured last year. One thing is for sure though, Will Brown is living up to his vow to keep last year in the past for this still very youthful team.

There have been plenty of tough losses this season already, but no fold in this team just yet. If it can maintain its poise, there’s no reason to believe this team won’t be in the thick of things come tournament time. We’ve already seen that this league is very umm…”competitive” this season and I think our at large bid was lost right around the third week of November. Kidding aside, let’s take a page out of Coach Brown’s book and remain cool while the season play’s itself out.

Am I preaching to the choir just a little bit? Perhaps, but this also happens to be my justification for thinking this game will be very close and Albany may just end up squeaking out the win. The Maine game wasn’t perfect or pretty, but at least a move in the positive direction regarding a few of the core issues.

Tonight’s game also happens to be the last home game before the start of the spring semester. This means that once again, baring another kind gesture from Coach Vives and the track teams, the student should be relatively empty. For the sake of attendance lets hope that the overall disinterest of the students is a double edged sword in that most are in the dark about the teams recent struggles. If the school starts advertising the games around campus like it used to and the Danes can snag a few home wins, there still may be hope for solid attendance numbers this season.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 15, 2011.

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