Great Danes Take Knee at 10 minute mark, Hold on for Win.

UAlbany's Offense Flatlines (ESPN Gamecast)

9:46 UAlbany goes up 11 when Tim Ambrose hits a three. Then… the team proceeded to run clock until they miraculously held on to a 52-50 victory as a final Do-er three clanked off.

Great defensive adjustment by the Danes to go with the triangle and two in the second half and for the first thirty minutes of the game, I have plenty of pleasant notes. But this team needs a killer instinct, they need to stay aggressive- UAlbany shouldn’t blown this game if Stony Brook didn’t execute terribly. Terribly. Like going up for a break away dunk and losing it out of bounds type of terrible. From the top down, putting “Jake” Iati in because he doesn’t turn the ball over is essentially playing four on five offensively is not Will Brown trying to step on the throat of the Seawolves. This team played scared and deserved to lose, luckily, Stony Brook didn’t feel like winning tonight either. A win is a win. But we won’t see many more if this team doesn’t find some swagger and aggressiveness.

Perhaps I’ll be in the mood to write up some positives tomorrow. If this team could play for forty minutes, they might be onto something.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 18, 2011.

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