Mr. Hyde’s Stony Brook Post Game Prognosis

Puk and Roll! (UAlbany Athletics)

Dane Pound watched the video on replay and was surprised to find everyone one the board so surly after the loss… all I can say is I wish I watched that game knowing the outcome. At the 13 minutes mark, I wrote a note, “Stay Aggressive!” right when Iati came in and we started to wear the shot clock down… and by the 3-4 minute mark, I was almost sure we were on the brink of another cataclysmic failure and the season was near implosion. And after the dredges of the entire NCAA, UMBC, defeated BU and proved what an awful road team they are… that second half hurt even more.

Despite all that, there were plenty of positive from last nights game, let’s go through a few:

+Brown Found the Bench: He went there early and they produced. Allen into the game quickly and he nailed a three, as well as early appearances from Watts and Iati.

HIT SOMEBODY, BILLY: Billy Allen is a heady player on offense. He spaces the floor well, gets to the open spot, made a great cut to the hoop for what should’ve been an easy layup… but he is the and-1 King on defense. He’s a tweener without great foot speed, so he often gets caught out of position. Fine. But then he just taps people and then lets them continue in for the lay up. Yes, there was an awful continuation foul, but take matters into your hand. Foul somebody hard! You have fouls to give and every time you give up an and-1, you take a seat right back on the bench.

+Great Defense, Great Defensive Coaching: Also great announcing. There’s a lot of confusion about what Will Brown actually did in the second half, but the announcers for ESPN broke it down nicely- It was a triangle and two. Two guards, at the start, Ambrose and Black, played man to man on Rouse and Do-er while the other three played a triangle zone. And it was brilliant. At the half, Rouse and Do-er both were in double figures and the defense completely frustrated them, and in consequence the whole SBU offense shut down. Great move, coach. Great overall defense (SBU was held to a meager 85 ORtg). Thanks for breaking it down for us, ESPN. Also, even Ambrose, whose attention at times slacks, seemed to zone in to start the half because of his specific assignment.

+Nice Logan: Logan didn’t explode. But he also didn’t shoot the team out of the game. He took his shots within the offense, went 3-6 from three, and had a very respectable 110 ORtg. Not only did he do that, he chipped in on a big way on the glass. His five defensive rebounds were aggressive. When him and Tim are both going after the ball hard on the glass, this team improves vastly. One of the big problems of slowing the down offense is that it reverts back to perimeter passing and with no penetration, there are no good kickout or even screen looks.. and creating a shot isn’t Logan’s specialty.

+Board Tim: Tim was an animal on the boards. Plain and simple.

+Devlin is Pest: In all the ways that infuriate the other team and that a coach loves. He positions well, draws charges and over the backs, scraps for rebounds. He single handedly drew the game to a tie to end the first half and gave Albany the moment to launch the “3rd quarter” offensive.

+Puk and Roll: The final season highlight reel better include the Pick and Roll from Ambrose to Puk where Puk made a beautiful spin and finish. Textbook. Tim also hit Puk on two nice flashes in the lane during the Great Drought, but Puk missed one and got stripped by a little man on the other. Tim really is doing a good job looking to get his teammates involves and I think these plays with work better a) with time and progress by the bigs and b) within the flow of the offense when the defense doesn’t have Albany pushed to far from the basket….

-Wagnered: Remember how Wagner’s intense perimeter defense pushed UAlbany further and further from the arc… well Albany’s slow down, “Prevent Defense” does the same thing, but self imposed! They don’t put any pressure on the defense, the shooters coming off screens are so slow developing and such far passes, they were often picked or left the receiver in a horrible position. This team is too good to shoot itself in the foot like that.

+.500 Pace: This was a nice road win that once again puts UAlbany on track for .500 in conference. A few must wins ahead against Bingo and UMBC… and Vermont at home could really alter the course of this season…If this team learns how to finish.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 18, 2011.

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