Sleeping With The Enemy: Binghamton Bearcats

It’s been a scramble to start the season, but we’ve finally got our footing under us. Bingo! of the America East board was brave enough to answer our questions. Here’s a pair of sunglasses from us in case you decide to venture out of Binghamton.

Are the Bearcats better or worse with Greer Wright on the floor?

There is no doubt in my mind that the best team Binghamton can put out on the court not only involves Greer Wright, but is centered around him. That said, Wright must play within himself and the concept of a team. The best looks Camara and Jabbi get at the basket are when Wright is playing heady basketball. Also, does anyone really think Pikiell, Monroe, and Woodward were upset to hear Wright wasn’t playing against them?

How does Binghamton keep avoiding the complete implosion that seemed destined to come? Is this only a slight grace period until the graduation of most of your team?

In one regard, the worst is already over and done with. The Kaye Report and NCAA investigations led to no major infractions; no seasons will be forfeited and no scholarships will be lost. On the court however, Binghamton could be in for a rough 2011-12 season (and beyond). They will lose their top four scorers from a squad that is only middle-of-the-pack at best compared to other AE teams. None of the freshmen have made a great impact and with depth such a concern there is ample opportunity for them to do so if they were capable. Binghamton will need to make a run in this year’s AE postseason because the next reasonable chance to probably won’t be for years to come.

Six different players have scored twenty points for this team (strange statistic…) Who’s hot right now?

I can only wish that Bill Raftery were calling one of the recent Binghamton games as it would have been “ONIONS!!” all night for Kyrie Sutton. Instead, I’ll have to settle for Macon calling him an “Almond Joy with nuts”. The 6’9″ junior center is playing with a ferocity unmatched at any other point in his collegiate career. Whether it’s slamming home misses, posterizing UMBC’s Jamar Wertz or swatting shots of the unsuspecting opposition, Sutton’s play was vital to the victories over SBU and UMBC. As the only true post player getting regular minutes, he will need to keep it up for Binghamton to have success in the rest of the AE season.

Mahamoud Jabbi is a strange combination of a three point gunner and one of the best shot blockers in the league.I have to admit, he also seems like a feel good story, tell us a bit about him.

I’m going to use a phone-a-friend on this one. Below is a link to a great Q&A with Jabbi himself that touches on topics like his homeland of Gambia and his intro to basketball.…mahamoud-jabbi

How much did you let yourself believe that Binghamton’s 3-0 start and first place finish was for real?

I tried to temper my expectations since I knew neither UNH (without Myrick and Abreu) or SBU (without Brenton and Martin) were at full strength and that UMBC had struggled mightily all year, but at the same time I did think what they were doing without Wright deserved some more credit than some wanted to give (crew at I never felt 1st place was realistic given how well a team like Maine plays and how talented a team like Boston U. is, but that’s not to say I didn’t let the 3-0 start give me some sense of hope that maybe, just maybe, they could pull off an upset of Maine (that hope was shattered quickly after tip-off).

What tempo does Binghamton want to play at? And what defense do they deploy?

It appears they want to play at a fast pace on offense; getting the ball up court before the defense can settle in. When this doesn’t happen and they are forced to run half-court sets the team often settles for poor jump shot looks and ill-advised drives to the hoop. The team lacks a true standout point guard, so thriving off transition buckets is a must in order to make up for an awful half-court offense. On the defensive side, expect the Bearcats to play man-to-man.

Jamar Wilson made a serious err in judgment when he recently married a player on Bing’s Womens team.We’d just like to let you know that Will Brown and Coach Abe have a standing open scholi for their child/ children…who will be playing at UAlbany.

At least she went with a player as good as Wilson. I’d be embarrassed for her if she get hitched with say…Brett Gifford.

What’s your prediction for the game?

I’d like to think Binghamton will come out firing on all cylinders given how upset they seemed to be about Monday’s loss to Hartford. I think it’ll be another great match-up between the SUNY rivals, with the Bearcats (obviously!) coming out on top by a score of 66-65 courtesy of a game-winning three by Binghamton native Jimmy Gray.

How much did you let yourself believe that Binghamton’s 3-0 start and first place in the AE was for real?

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