Eric Gagne Post-Steroids

No Lead Is Safe

Co-Captain Blake Metcalf in the Record “Sometimes, I feel like going into halftime, that’s our worst enemy,” said sophomore captain Blake Metcalf. “I want to just stay on the court.”

Perhaps I’ve been too spoiled as a Yankees fan. So many years of Mo closing out game with such grace and consistency… Or maybe this Great Dane team is just uniquely TERRIFYING. No lead is safe. It’s like Eric Gagne post-steroids (was this ever proven? No way he suddenly has the best years of any reliever ever than just as quickly fizzles out to a worthless closer when the steroid era ends). We’re talking 10 saves, 7 blown saves, 6 ERA territory.

UAlbany has blown leads with such frequency, every time I start listing them off in my head, I come up with another team. The Danes lost leads to relatively good teams, Vermont, Maine, Detroit- of course highlighted by pissing away an 16. We’ve blown leads to decent teams like CCSU, LCC and Wagner. And we’ve lost leads to pitiful teams: Niagara, Colgate, and of course Stony Brook. We’ve been in the drivers seat again and again and then dangled the keys in front of the opponent. Thankfully, some teams been too offensively decrepit to pull out the victory. This young group has gutted out some wins (more than a few solely thanks to the old timer of the group). Let’s hope their learning from these close games.

Yes, this team is building a culture of winning. The bus is moving in the right direction. But if you’re a passionate fan who is on the bandwagon, you’re probably going to end up sick to your stomach. UAlbany is a better, deeper team than Binghamton… but the Bearcats are a second half team. There is no number that UAlbany could be leading by with ten minutes left in the game.

The student section is back. This is a rival. This team can and probably should be in the top of the America East. Establish that from today on, SEFCU will be an arena that no team wants to play in. Kenpom has us at an 86% chance of Victory. Don’t let the computers down, boys!

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 20, 2011.

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