UAlbany Humiliates Bingo, 76-34

The Young Danes Turning the Corner? (UAlb Athletics)

76-34. Had to put that lovely batch of numbers right on the title. And the verbs we’re seeing thrown out in headlines, humiliates, embarrassed, crushes, waxes. One cannot overstate the domination that was on display last night. This time came out against a rival and executed from opening tip to the final buzzer. The offense was impeccable, a robust 135 Offensive Rating while holding Bingo to a pitiful 66 ORtg. 50% from the floor, 40% from three, controlling the boards (45-32), a season low in turnovers, brilliant form the FT line.

Let’s bask in this more a few more moments as we go down the line with player performances from statsheet, which are all but perfect (with one notable exception that we’ll touch on later):

L. Devlin 60 17.8 146
J. Puk 65 10.9 131.8
L. Aronhalt 65 19.2 71
M. Black 65 16.4 208.6
T. Ambrose 72.5 22.1 168.9
J. Iati 27.5 12.9 247
D. Tartt 12.5 14.2 158.5
B. Metcalf 27.5 19.4 109.4
R. Watts 50 14.2 181.4

The balance of possessions is touching. Everyone did played their role perfectly. Black was a scorer/distributor who was deadly from outside. Timmy was a scorer/distributor who was under-control and unstoppable inside the arc. Watts was able to chip in a career high ten points. Puk bolstered his block total with four. Devlin bumped up his usage, took more threes and made a handful. Even Iati and Tartt chipped in some nice minutes. Just a love fest all around!

Except, we have to ask…

What is up with Logan? The shots he was missing were wide open looks. They were coming off nice break downs and kick outs. And if he cannot hit a stand alone jumper…the justification for him being on the court becomes much dicier. Logan must hit his open threes or else we’re going to be seeing more and more Watts. And I think Will acknowledged that in the opening minutes when Logan took a horrible looking shot and he got the quick hook. There is no reason to ride out Logan’s cold streaks and play him 40 minutes (I wonder if playing more minutes than any player in the nation, or damn close to that, is starting to catch up with his legs…).

And, How much of this victory was caused by putrid Bingo play? I wish we could overlook this, but it has to be said. UAlbany deserves all the credit the world for good defense and making Bingo uncomfortable on defense… but they under six percent from three. UAlbany wasn’t turning them over, they just couldn’t put the ball into the hoop. Bingo has been blown out by at least 20 points seven times this season. So yes, the haplessness on Bing’s part has to come into play. But Bingo has also put out some virtuoso performances (near upset of Hofstra, etc)- if the talent is clicking, a bunch of seniors and a high major athlete in Greer Wright, they could beat anyone in the AE.  UAlbany never let them see the light of day and, especially after so many leads have slipped away, you cannot take any credit away from the Danes.

Maybe today they found their killer instinct. Another great move by Coach Brown to press, press, press. This prevented the coasting-offense-killing-time-management- “prevent defense”- pass-it-around-the-perimeter b.s. that has let so many teams get back into games. It kept Black and Ambrose on the attack and UAlbany was able to get into the lane all day which opened up easy shots. The speed of the game was relatively slow, but UAlbany pushed and ran quality sets again and again.

The team really seems to be gelling:

Ralph Watts was showing the love on twitter after the game and you get the feeling this game couldn’t have come at a better time. The Maine and Boston University games were confidence shakers. The Stony Brook game seemed to be another step in the wrong direction. But taking the scalp of our biggest league rival, everybody is happy. Everybody is buying into the team concept (except maybe Billy, who according to the board, took an accidental low blow from Lindfors).

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “UAlbany Humiliates Bingo, 76-34”

  1. Logan hasn”t been the same since the horrific fall at Colgate

  2. It’s possible that it is having lingering effects but have you noticed anything different in his play, Bill? The three games leading up to the Colgate match, he was 3-17 from deep..
    He’s still had a few explosive games, UVM mainly, and he’s also had some nice rebounding efforts. I haven’t noticed him physically limited more than earlier, that’s why I wonder if the early minutes have caused him to hit a bit of a wall.

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