State of the Student Section

Players have off, Will Brown is off recruiting in, you guessed it, the mid-west, and we’re twiddling our thumbs for the next few days. Luckily, our student contributor, Yo Damien as he’s known on the board, brings us the “State of the Student Section.”

With almost an entire week off for Danes between our “historic” victory over Bingo Thursday and our next matchup at UMBC on Wednesday, it seems like a perfect time to assess the bigger picture of this team and even the program as a whole.

On Thursday this team looked almost nothing like the team that had gone just 2-6 over its previous 8 games leading up to its clash with Bingo. The Danes obliterated (embarrassed, killed, mauled, steam rolled…anything along those lines will do) the Bearcats and in doing so set a new program record for margin of victory as a division 1 team. This was a statement victory, now let’s hope the students and fair weather fans got the memo. While there is still quite a bit of mystery that surrounds this team and even the most informed fans are still baffled by this team on a game-to-game basis, one thing is for sure; this team is not “done” yet.

What does all this mean? Here’s what I think I know about this team at this point in the Season:

This team can compete with any team in the conference on any given night, at any given location.

We’ve already seen this to be both a good and bad thing. While this concept gives the team a chance to win every game, in theory anyway, it also gives us a chance to lose every game. This kind of play is of course typical of young teams, but frustrating nonetheless. Sooner than later this team is going to have to have to “steal” some wins if it has hopes for a good conference seed. Simply playing to the level of your opponent is a recipe for disaster in the America East. Let’s hope Albany can start taking advantage of opponent’s poor play/mistakes and learn to close out games that they take control of early on.

On a related note, the league is bad. There may be a select few teams that posses more upside than the rest of the league, but again that’s not saying much when one looks at the comparisons. There’s a month of regular season league play to go and the standings are hardly indicative of what many considered the favorites of the league even just a month ago. With this in mind, I’d like to think that, injury aside, things can’t get that bad even if the team embarks on a free fall over the next month. No team in the league can be feared. Without question a higher seed is always desired, but this season more than ever the AE tournament seedings should have almost no meaning. Is the 1 seed really going to have much of an advantage over the 6 seed? The way things have shaped up so far, the only teams that will actually be at a disadvantage by their conference play will the those who have to part-take in the play-in game.

Luckily, this program did NOT fall off the face of the earth as previously thought following a disastrous 2009-2010 season. The only issue seems to be nobody has passed this message on to the students and general public. Unfortunately for the team its improved play has not been met by improved attendance, at least so far. Nearly 4000 people watched the home opening loss to Cornell, since then the SEFCU hasn’t seen even half of the opening night total even once. I’d like to think that the attendance situation can’t get much worse this season. With the student’s back on campus it’s time for the school to make an effort to get the student sections filled back up. I am a student myself, so I have seen first hand the drop in interest from the university itself. It was not too long ago that school made at least a minimal effort to promote the team and home games. At this point any effort the school showed would pay dividends towards getting the crowd numbers back where they belong. Realistically there’s no reason not to expect an average of more than 2000 people per game for the remainder of the season, assuming of course the team maintains a comparable level of play. Tickets are still free to students and not expensive to the public, so with a bit of winning and a bit of patience things are hopefully headed in the right direction.

The Danes record can be broken down as follows: 6-6 record during the first semester, 3-6 during the intersession period, and are 1-0 so far this semester. Any significance? Probably not, but much like myself academically, the student in me has high hopes for the Great Danes as well this spring semester.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 23, 2011.

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