Sleeping With The Enemy: UMBC

Who are the best scorers and rebounders on this team? Who is hot right now?

The best scorer for UMBC is simply Chris De La Rosa.  He has 20.3 points per game.  Justin Fry is next with only 10.7.  As for rebounding, Fry has 6.3 per game, which is disappointing because there are ten other players in the league better than him. It’s also disappointing that Laurence Joliceour, who was supposed to spell Fry, has only put up half of that production.  But all in all, the only player who is hot consistently is De La Rosa.  Chase Plummer was hurt during December and did not play much, but he can be a threat during the games.  Brian Neller is like Fry; hot or cold, no in between.
Will Brown has repeatedly stated that Mike Black is the best point guard in the America East. Make your case otherwise.
Chris De La Rosa is second in the league in points per game and first in the league in assists.  His assists total 125, the second best player, Brian Voekel, is at 92.  De La Rosa is third in the league in assists to turnovers, and is the lone bright spot on one of the worst squads in Divison 1.  I’m not saying that De La Rosa should be player of the year, but it would be a sham to keep him off of the first-team all-conference squad.
Who does the blame for this team’s recent failure’s fall on? Is Randy Monroe on the hot seat already?
Wow.  I don’t even to know where to begin on this.  One could put it on Randy Monroe, because he’s been accused of being a demotivator for players by just yelling at them.  His staff has been said to be fractured.  I strongly disagree with Sam Perkins’s assessment that De La Rosa is a team cancer; I don’t think anyone can share that assessment.  But if I were to pin it on one reason, I don’t think I could answer that.  I’ve been thinking about this for thirteen months, and I still don’t have an answer.  But is Monroe on the hot seat?  Yes.  He is under contract for another three seasons, which at this point, could be the only thing saving his job.
I’m a student at UMBC, it’s Friday night, where is the place to be?
Hahahahahahahaha.  Anywhere outside of UMBC’s campus.  To the north, you have a 19th century suburb that has very little to offer.  To the south, you have a lower-class suburb that’s been compared to 1950’s Alabama, with even less to offer.  To the west, you have lilly-white suburbs with a mall that closes at 9:30.  And to the east, you have the worst areas of Baltimore.  There is, however, a large mall about 15 minutes outside of Baltimore with a movie theater that closes at 3am.  So, if you’re under 21, you either go home, or you start befriending upperclassmen for booze, and drink off campus (ie. join a very expensive frat).  If you’re over 21, you go to a bar, most likely in Baltimore City or College Park, by UMD (the big Maryland school’s) campus.  I went to UMBC from 2001-2009, both undergrad and grad, minus 2006-2007.  The one constant throughout all the years is that you won’t have any trouble finding parking beginning at 4:30 pm Friday for the next 48 hours.
You’ve been two teams that have shocked and embarrassed the Great Danes (BU and Hartford)? What were the keys to victory for UMBC?

Chemistry.  Plain and simple, chemistry.  Take the game against BU.   Four players scored in double-digits, which completely surprised the Terriers.  The Retrievers shot nearly 20% better than their average.  Most of the team’s offensive problems revolve the lack of paint penetration; in last Monday’s game, the 48% shooting was combined with Boston’s UMBC-like shooting.  In the game against Hartford, both De La Rosa and Adrien Satchell were sick, and Satchell did not dress.  However, much-maligned Brian Neller
did what he was recruited to do, and that was to hit nothing but three’s all game.  It’s what he was known for in high school, and it was the only game where he looked comfortable making those shots.  He never misses when there’s no defenders around him, he rarely hits when there are players around him.  Coaches know this.

The Danes’ match-zone has held up well this season…except against hot shooting teams from the outside. Do you think UMBC bust the zone?
There has rarely been a defense that’s been penetrated.  Against the zone, they’re going to need to take shots outside the paint all night.  If the ball gets inside the paint, the player will be double-teamed.  Chances are there will be a turnover or a rushed shot.  The only way to bust the zone will be to take 10 footers or more.
What type of crowd do you expect and what’s your prediction for the game?

Today is the first day of the spring semester, and students have been back for several days.  However, people like winners, and although Maryland does not play tonight, unless they’re a hardcore fan, they’re going to be inclined to find something else to do.  Most likely, I predict an attendance of around 1,500.  As for the prediction, if UMBC plays smart and unselfish, it could go to the wire.  UMBC’s defense could be walked all over, so it will be up to the offense.

~ by ClickClack on January 26, 2011.

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