Slush Fun: Danes Rally Past UMBC

Hide your kids. Hide your wife. Logan Aronhalt is THUNDERSNOWING! (UAlbany)

It was 8 o’clock. UAlbany was in Baltimore down 12 points at half to 3-17 UMBC squad. There was an inch of slush on the ground and the entire greater DC region was in a panic. It took people hours to get home, the President not excepted. Clickclack was seconds from tearing his desktop out of the wall and hurling it through the nearest window. Tim Ambrose was doing his best Might Mouse impersonation in the first half, carrying the team with superhuman strength and 16 points, but it looked bleak.

But then a collapse started and the it wasn’t colored purple.  Was it Ambrose getting into his teammates at the half (nice recap from Harvey Valentine corresponding for the Record, by the way)? Was it the Thundersnow?

Whatever was raining from Logan Aronhalt’s hands, it worked.

He broke out of a prolonged slump, went a deadly 6-8 from three and lugged the team back from depth of America East embarrassment and we can all breath easily for today.

Some notes on the games:

Teamwork is overrated: We’ve taking hope in small victories of bench production- but today we’re reminded of what happens when the young and inexperienced don’t materialize. Logan, Tim and Mike are our guys and they can beat teams in the America East all on their own. Here’s the offensive rating numbers: Logan 157, Ambrose 121, Black 87…. no one else above 50.

Pace Is The Trick: The Danes gave up 39 points in the first half and we’re on pace for a hyper-quick 70 plus possession game. But in the second half, the Danes slowed it wayyy down (~60% of what it was in the first half). It makes sense, the Danes need to run their sets. Logan doesn’t take the ball to you, the ball moves around the court, he runs off eleven screen and hopefully ends up with a good look. Nice adjustment of enforcing their will on the Retrievers. The end result was 66 possessions, so the Danes managed a decent offensive and a good defense performance overall after that horrendous second half.

More Timmy: Take note of this: Timmy is at 30.7 percent of possessions- that’s #1 in the America East conference during the league play. That’s 59th in the country now. We’ve seen some balance, but mostly, we’ve Timmy being forced to do more by lack of overall production and his efficiency has plummet as a result (95 ORtg in conference play and he was near 110 percent). To be fair, a lot of it also has been do to a dip in outside shooting percentage.

Crow Tastes Better With a Side of “W.” Let’s just come out and say: There’s no chance that there is any truth to Will Brown’s statement that Mike Black is the best point guard in the America East. CDLR put on another dazzling offensive display, 16 points, 8 boards,  10 assists and only 2 turnovers without much of anybody to pass too. Black countered with 8 points, one assists, and two turnovers. Logan could’ve made a blindfolded shot from the media table in the second half and you have only one assist, Mike?? But that said UMBC, enjoy your point guard for the first 38 minutes, we’ll let ours that leads us in the last two. (Though, Mike, take some notes. That’s an awful pretty A/TO ratio.)

~ by TheMidRangeGame on January 28, 2011.

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