Big Purple Preview

Yo, yo Damien back again for us and getting us into the student section. With only a couple hours ’til tip, hopefully the pre-gaming is well underway.

It’s hard to believe it is already Big Purple growl time, yet a handful of heartbreaking losses and shoulda, coulda, woulda’s later…we are here.  Much like Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, the BPG signals the start of “post-season” play for the Danes.  Including tonight’s game there are just 6 regular season games remaining for UAlbany.  With a  4-6 record the danes are floating in America East mediocrity, so the team can not afford to not show up for the home stretch.

The Danes need to get streaky in a positive way; shooting, protecting the ball, playing D, and stop playing 3 on 5 offense.  What better time to start than tonight, and hopefully get some vengeance for what was likely our worst loss of the season to date.  A win tonight and we leapfrog Hartford for 4th place, but a loss could drop the Danes into 7th place (pending a UNH win @ Bingo).  Enough negativity, here are my game thoughts:

This team will be fired up, lets hope this has a better effect on play than it did during the UVM game

People will be there, a lot of people actually!  The BPG drew just over 4,400 last year, so if that many people came out to witness that slow-motion train-wreck, a sell out this year is essentially guaranteed.  Play well in front of 4,500 people and future attendance may not be an issue.

Look for Tim to have a special game.  He’s been here before and he knows what this game is about.  The BPG is almost “part 1” of senior night and I’m expecting him to get off on the right foot.

Would the real Logan Aronhault please stand up…He needs to get it going, fast, or Coach Brown will have him riding the pine into march.  Let’s hope he can feed off of tonight’s atmosphere and get moving in the right direction.

Hartford thumped us last time, but a sell out crowd and 4 weeks of growth have got to mean something.  I’ll take Albany by single digits.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on February 5, 2011.

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