So you had hoped to forget the UNH game by now?

From what I gathered on the radio call, this was the hoop UAlbany was shooting on at UNH.

So, I’ve got an internship that frowns upon me spending my entire day on facebook and blogging about college hoops. The injustice. Get your own coffee! I’ve got serious blogging to do.

Anyways, sorry for the delay, trying to keep my head above water here on the hoops front.

UNH thoughts, go:

To purchase the feed or not to purchase the feed, so much hinges on that question. $8 for a feed- in entertainment terms, that’s not bad. For a two hour movie you’d fork over that type of money. But also, it’s a leap of faith. You’re betting $8 that the Danes with show up and not having you kicking yourself at half for wasting money (me vs. Hartford). Once you’re invested, it means a bit more. That’s my theory as to why ClickClack paying the $8 to the blow harder. He saw the free throws rim out- he didn’t have to rely on the Rodger Wyland majestically painting the picture in his mind.

The funny thing though, so was Will. It was one of those games, you’ve put the team in a perfect position to win, they’ve played better, they’ve earned the victory… and yet they couldn’t execute.

The game must’ve been hideous to watch on that grainy feed (OH! Any ideas how to put pressure on UAlbany so they have a full season feed would be splendid). UNH’s ORtg: 84 UA: 80. So you take some pride in shut down defense (against a team that lost it’s two top scorers and had it’s latest top scorer foul out), but the offense needs to kick into gear.

Let’s go over the two obvious let downs: 7-20 from the line. Can’t do anything but what all the kids are doing on twitter these day: smh (“shake my head” people for those still coming to grips with 2011).

And the turnovers, an 8 to 17 turnover disparity against the Danes and yet they were in control in the final minutes. That’s amazing in itself.

Let’s start with the positives:

Devlin is a man and Timmy is a stud: Devlin secured his spot on the all-Rookie team in my mind with the performance. He stuffed the stat sheet, highlighted with those 14 boards. When he’s hits a couple threes, life can be very good for the Danes. And Timmy, he was draining from deep and I think that’s key to him making good (well, at least better) decisions. If he doesn’t foul out (let UNH have Conley back even), I think we win.

Other positive: Mike Black Took a Lot of Shots.

On to the negatives:

Mike Black took a lot of shots. I’ve been rallying for this for awhile now, this offense needs balance and Mike is the man to step up. He did, with 15 shots, but with only 4 falling and being outplayed by Chandler Rhoads… that hurts. Keep looking for your shot, but keep making more.

Interesting note for this game, most percent of possessions used when on the floor went in this order: Logan, Watts, Ambrose then Black. I think the aggressiveness of Watts could pay dividends, but he’s also got a ways to go before he’s taking up that big of a load (big three in OT, followed but clanker way too early in the shot clock).

Don’t Splurge On Those Sunglasses: There’s been a lot of chatter on the board about a bright future. I would put that in the bank just yet. At the same time as we look at the solid, young core we have, there is an equal amount of lamenting at how streaky Logan is and how much it affected us. With Ambrose graduating 30% of possessions, we’re going to have to rely comparatively more Logan offensively. Yes, we might get some additional D and we can fervently hope that Suero is the real deal, but right now, we have a host of role players plus Timmy.

The scary thing that has been tossed around, and it’s true, we have the best backcourt in the AE. It shows both how weak the league is and how forward heavy it is. That said, guards win championships and it’s hard to dream of anything but a holding pattern for next year. These losses are discouraging, but this team can hang with anyone in the AE.

So, going to formally declare, that which I’ve hinted at for other games, but I think I’ll stand by this:

Most Important Game of the Year: Hartford.

It’s BPG, a revenge game. If this team has any of the moxie it takes to be a contender, they will win on Saturday night. If not, we’ll be lucky to win 6 games.

Finally, on the evils of Twitter:

Interpret at your own peril.


~ by TheMidRangeGame on February 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “So you had hoped to forget the UNH game by now?”

  1. Devlin will certainly be on the AE all rookie team but not “first team all rookie” as there is only one all rookie team

  2. Ah, fixed it up Sarge. One of the great mysteries to me is if the end of season awards take into account only AE play. I think the clout of multiple ROY pre-AE made him a near lock, but this game helped cement his in conference stats.

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