To Mecca and Back Again

It took the full force of mother nature to keep UAlbany Road Warrior Brian Fessler from reaching New Hampshire, but you can bet your Michael Olowokandi rookie card he wouldn’t miss a chance to make it to New York City to see his Danes.

The alumni bus departed the UAlbany campus just after 2:30 and arrived at Legends across from the Empire State Building for the pre-game party right at 6. There was a great turnout at Legends with easily more than 200 people. After a 2 or 3 block walk and watching St. John’s finish their thrashing of nationally ranked UConn, my 1,000 fellow UAlbany fans welcomed the Great Danes to MSG!

Road Warrior Documentation

Unfortunately the team’s performance didn’t quite live up to the excitement of the trip. The game essentially picked-up from where the second half of the two teams’ last contest ended. BU had too much athleticism at nearly every position and it severely limited the team’s offense. Tim and Mike were really the only ones able to penetrate the lane at all and most of their shots were still altered. It looked like a number of sets were run to get Logan open looks, but very few of his shots, open or not, were going down. The Danes rebounded decently, especially in the second half, but not well enough to make up for all of their missed shots. And needless to say, John Holland was a one man wrecking crew in the second half. The guy seems to be able to turn it on whenever he wants and can really hit from all over the floor. I think foul trouble is really the only thing that limited him in the first half. Vermont and Maine are both solid teams and Hartford presents some match-up problems for the team, but Boston is the team I’d least prefer to see in the AE tournament. I think their athleticism presents too many problems for the Danes.

Other than the play itself, it was nice to be able to enjoy some adult beverages during the game, although the $10 price wasn’t that exciting. I guess that’s New York City for you. MSG was definitely an exciting place, but I still was more impressed by places like Cameron Indoor and the Dean Dome. But I didn’t grow up in/near that city, so maybe I was a bit jaded (or wasn’t jaded enough?). The alumni bus hit the road a few minutes before midnight and pulled into campus shortly after 2 in the morning. Tough game, but another successful road trip.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on February 12, 2011.

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