Timmy Fought The Law…

Rollin' (UAlbany Athletics)

And Timmy won. Monday afternoon, the UAlbany student press reported that Tim Ambrose was arrested for speeding without a license early early Friday morning on UAlbany campus. It was really just a parking ticket and thank goodness that’s the case (unless Will has a world class spin team). Either way, Tim Ambrose took the team on his back as UAlbany secured a 58-43 victory that brought them to 6-7 and, shockingly, into 4th place in the league.

This game wasn’t even close, and if Logan or Black could’ve hit a shot, it would’ve been a Valentine’s take massacre.

Game Notes!

This game was won by Tim and defense. SBU is bad on defense, but they were help to a pitiful 79 ORtg. It was another solid night of defensive schemes from Will. They opening up the game in man to man to make sure SBU didn’t get hot and kept Do-er on lock down.

Fast starts by the “others”: The first six points in the first half and the 6-0 run to open the second half were all contributed by non- big 3 guards. Impressive that Puk, Devlin and Metcalf were doing work early and often.

Fresh Legs: It’s been noted on the board that when Timmy stays in too long and starts making tired mistakes. And with a comfortable, but by no means absolute lead, Will took Tim out in the middle of a run that he was fueling single-handedly. I scratched my head at the time, but then the kids remaining on the court kept the offense flowing and it prevented Timmy from getting too bold and throwing up a ridiculous heat check.  Smart move by Will.

Banana Splits: This title makes very little sense. I’ve never even had a banana split. What I’m getting at is SBU does a nice job of hedging on screen, but Timmy was able to execute some tight rope splits of defenders that were absurd. Hopping through a double team with a behind the back dribble, really?

Mining Inside: Danes started to hone in on the winning formula. Everybody in the league now knows not to give UAlbany open threes,  1-4 we can kill you. Team have blanketed the perimeter and the offense has just shut down (and you know that was SBU’s plan- they’re the #1 team in 3FG defense). Last night, there was a concerted effort to look for bigs, as well as Timmy, Logan and Black all getting into the paint with a mission (which led to some nice dishes from Logan).

"You're not the boss of me any longer, bunny" Blake Metcalf said at the press conference after the game.

Captain on the Court: Blake Metcalf got the start and it was a nice move. His ability to keep balls alive was incredible- it seemed like he tipped ever other miss. And first bucket of the game, he hit a bunny! And then he hit a few more!

Jake the Man-Child: Sometimes he’s more child than man. Iati jumping up and down helplessly next to Preboye after he got offense rebound after offensive rebound was almost humorous. But then, just as Preboye brought the ball down, Jake was there and stripped it away. He was a calming presence, after a ton of early turnoevers (5 in first 5 min), he helped right the ship. I don’t know how we haven’t, didn’t out recruit him, but give him all the credit in the world for playing with fire in his belly.

Pressing Black: Black trying a bit too hard to get inside today, he looked unnatural and you could tell the wheels were churning when he has that foolish travel. Hopefully he internalizes that aggressive play.

WOW Ambrose’s numbers for the last 6 games are incredible. Say hello to first team. The math escapes my time capabilities, but his PPG and shooting percentages are nuts. The three ball is back and so is everything else. Preboye is one of the toughest matchups for Ambrose and he did a great job on him last match up- for Tim to play so efficiently was a real performance. It’s been fun to watch.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on February 16, 2011.

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