Stones, Billy Allen has them

The Road Warrior with some BOSS seats (via Road Warrior)


I wasn’t nervous for the Bingo rematch, but I had a feeling it would be close. But by the end of the game, I was on the edge of my seat, sweating, dripping on every precious word from Rodger Wyland. And then of course, Billy Allen, the Ice Man, seals the deal with two perfect free throws…I imagine UAlbany practices where Allen is sidelined with a sore back, sits out for two hours, and then Will brings him in to shoot free throws or else the entire team has to do sprints. I mean, how else could you practice to be the late game free throw assassin??? Anyways, that’s all for my spiel, let’s hear it first hand, from our Road Warrior (follow him at @Fessland):
Nice easy 2hr ride down I-88 to Binghamton. Usually the trip’s a bit boring, but traveling down with a couple friends made the time go by quicker. Had great seats not more than 5 feet behind the UAlbany bench. There were a few dozen Danes fans there, mostly friends/family of the players and staff. Even saw guy in a DANEger Zone t-shirt next to the Binghamton student section. 

The team started off flat in the first half with not much energy on either side of the floor. The officials were allowing a lot of contact on UA’s drives, so the team ended up taking a lot of jump shots. Binghamton played very agressively on defense and knocked down their open looks.

The Danes came out in the second half definitely looking more inspired. They cut into Binghamton’s 7 point halftime lead a bit and never really let the Bearcats push their lead past 2 or 3 possessions. The defense racheted up over the last 8-10 minutes, limiting what the Bearcats were able to do offesnively. It was great to see/hear the UA bench do the ‘defense’ chant nearly every time the Binghamton had the ball. At least a couple of those were started by Tim Ambrose when he was getting some rare rest.

Billy Allen’s 2 free throw’s with 12 seconds left were huge. He was shooting into the Bearcat student section. That was really the only time the fans were making much noise. I was surprised how quiet 4,000 fans could be, even though their team had the lead for the vast majority of a close game. After calling a TO following their inbound, Greer Wright received the ball near half court with about 8 or 9 seconds left. It looked like his defender got a peice of the ball causing Wright to fumble a bit. He called TO right away as he looked a bit flustered, maybe expecting more pressure after the tip.

From there, Jabbi received the inbound deep in the right corner with about 4 or 5 seconds left. He looked a bit trapped and forced up an off-balance 3 point attempt, which was partially blocked by Logan (even though the box score didn’t give him credit for it). Most of the crowd wanted the foul, but it looked clean to me (from the great view I had all the way on the other side court..ha!). Ambrose caught the ball under the hoop and outletted to Allen near mid-court. Allen tossed the ball up in the air as the buzzer sounded. It landed right in front of Greer Wright, who promptly PUNCHED the ball half way up into the stands. Guess they weren’t too happy about the loss?

Looking at the box score, it’s amazing how quietly (in a good way) Devlin puts up double doubles. He doesn’t need much flair, just gets the job done. Nice to see Logan shoot the ball a bit better tonight, too. After a victory dinner down the street at Applebee’s, we hit the road back to Albany in front of the pending snow storm. Gutsy win..great to be back to .500 in the conference!

~ by TheMidRangeGame on February 21, 2011.

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