Sleeping With The Enemy: UMBC, Part II

We’re going with whatever format gmail decides to give me because I’ve got to mosey to work in three minutes. Thanks again to the league’s 2nd best individual team blog and the world’s best UMBC blog. I finally saw There Will Be Blood for this first time, so Rally Monkey, have this milkshake on us.
Mark Macon recently got an extension- does that mean Randy Monroe has leverage?
Randy Monroe has one thing going for him, and that’s the fact that he’s under contract until 2014, and the state of Maryland is not going to spend money to buy him out at this point.  Plus, The school is hoping for a new arena to be ready by the final season of Randy’s contract.  I don’t envision the school pulling the trigger this year unless they have a super-rich booster willing to foot the bill, a la Kevin Eck (Under Armor founder) for Maryland’s football coach Ralph Friedgen.  It’s sad, because I like Randy Monroe, I’ve met him several times, he’s always glad to shake hands with loyal fans, he’s a good guy, but results are results, and in sports, it really is a “what have you done for me lately” industry.
So who’s hot right now for the Black and Yellow?
Up until last week, it was Chris De La Rosa, but he was noticeably favoring his right side in the last several games, though there hasn’t been a word said about an official injury.  However, it has slowed his performance, as evidenced by his lackluster game against New Hampshire and Hartford.  Justin Fry, the last link to the championship, never had a star-studded career, but he set a school record for being the first 20-20 double-double game, one hell of a way to say goodbye to the RAC Arena.  Chase Plummer is also hot.
You nearly ruined our season on a snowy evening in Baltimore, but we ended up breaking your heart. We just sustained a solid revenge fueled counter punch from Bingo- does this UMBC have enough fire in its collective belly to bring it at SEFCU even though they’ve secured their spot in the play-in game?
I hope so, but it’s been such an up and down year, more down, that if the team and fans have expectations, they get let down.  The strange thing is that this team actually has talent, that they could easily win the game, like they almost did last month, but they seem to have trouble digging down deep to use it.  However, since they have nothing to play for in terms of standing, they might just decide to just play, and can pull off a victory.  It happened last season when they managed to squeeze out wins late in the season against Hartford and New Hampshire, and it also happened in their NEC finale in 2003, when they finished in last place, didn’t qualify for the NEC tournament, but beat Quinnipiac 80-58.
You spend an equal greater or time blogging about future and past UMBC players. Is there more a white flag than focusing on Jarrell Lane’s solid, but “no stat” senior night than anything happening on the current team?
When I started this blog three years ago, there was so much energy surrounding the program, but there was no real coverage of anything outside of the student paper and the half-assed attempts by the Baltimore Sun covering home games, even if it wasn’t professional.  I felt that there needed to be something to cover everything in the program surrounding the past and future.  That hasn’t changed, even after I moved to the west coast and worked crazy hours.  But yes, it’s so hard to write about another loss, it becomes just as demoralizing for fans and bloggers as it does for players.
Say AE is a keeper league with a yearly draft. What three non-seniors do you “franchise”?
Chris De La Rosa, Chase Plummer, and either Brian Neller or Adrien Satchell.  That last one is a toss-up.
Over the summer you moved to a new site to rake in money from prospective click-happy America East fans, how’s that working out for you?
Well, I could always use more people clicking on my ads.  I’ve made some money.  I work in the internet-business industry, and you learn that people invest thousands of dollars to run a website and make money off of it.  I only bought the domain site for $10, and you really get what you put into it.  A killing?  No.  But some extra cash can never hurt, right? (Ed. Note: CLICKCLACK, YOU HEAR THIS? I may have to engage in some collective bargaining over the summer…)
And…. your prediction?
The only wild card is if UMBC really puts their heart into it, they can probably win.  The actual talent is even, but the Retrievers really have to dig down and want it.  They’ve done it before, notching wins over Boston and Maine, but they crap the bed against New Hampshire (twice).  I hope I’m wrong, but my observation is that UMBC wins or loses the game in the locker room in the minutes after pre-game warm-up.

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