You were there, you saw what happened. It was brilliant. When everyone is making shots, this time is hard (impossible) for other team of AE talent to stop. We’ve only seen this type of game once before, Mt. St. Mary’s.

Timmy finished his long, stat filled, and at times, brilliant career in the rack. Fitting that he threw down a great jam that was his MO coming in.

Will Brown and his young squad have done it- .500 for the year, 8-7 in conference, a guarantee of at least a satisfying 8-8 with a chance for a very satisfying 9-7 (with a 3-4 should’ve-would’ve-could’ve-maybe-if-they-were-older-losses).

And the FOURTH spot in the league has been CLINCHED! (Didn’t take too much this year, but hush hush). According to the infallible Andrew Santillo, “UAlbany will play Stony Brook in the @Americaeast quarterfinals on Saturday, March 5 at noon.” That’s a favorable draw.

A couple notes:

UMBC had CDLR and not much else – after it got down to 12 after 2 3’s by DLR, the DAnes stuck on him better and didn’t give him as many open shots. On top of that, Logan came in put up two semi-forced– that went in. Not a common theme lately but he really wanted to put the team on his back and it finally worked out.

A stupid T by Randy Monroe also stopped the momentum from the ‘trivers.

Worth repeating- Awesome followup dunk by Ambrose in first 5 minutes! And equally awesome dunk by Metcalf .. wait, what?! If he hadn’t had his hair cut, he wouldn’t of been able to get over rim.

Perfect game to win by a large so Ambrose and Allen had a chance for a nice standing O.

And Fran, I have to admit, I forgot you existed for most of the last two months. Congrats on your degree!

Oh, and the bad news… Black on bench with ice on calf at end of game. Hopefully it’s not serious after finally asserted himself without pressing too much.


~ by TheMidRangeGame on February 24, 2011.

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