Sleeping With The Enemy: Maine Black Bears

So here it is, the bracket is set, a game played just for pride and bragging rights. Do Will and Ted go Tony Dungy and rest all their starters? Will we be seeing Iati dishing to Tartt who feeds Lindors down low??? Cutting through the obscurity to answer our hard hitting questions is Dan of Black Bear Spit Black Bears Pit (but you can see how it can be mistaken right? Anyways, to stay warm up in the far reaches and to bring some cosmopolitan out to the deep woods, here’s a latte on us.
Q: Everything all but locked in for the playoffs, but I have to wonder, what on earth is going on inside the head of Black Bears fans?
A: Well, it was a quick and painless fall from driver’s seat in the confernce race to out of the running for one of the top two seeds. In little more than a week, it was over so, in a way, it was over so fast we didn’t even get to enjoy the view.
Q: Does the prolonged skid have you down?
A: No, not really. Maine in recent years has had loads of trouble in February so this is nothing new. UMaine looked a little better against UNH on Feb. 22, but it’ll be a better barometer to see what they do with an improving Albany team on Feb. 27.
Q: Do you have any faith in Woodward? Or are just happy he’s better than Macon?
A: I’ll answer that by saying the Black Bears are 16-32 in February (2005-2011) and 1-8 in March. The team has not won a tournament game since assistant coach Chris Markwood’s shot with 2 seconds to go beat Boston U. in 2005. Nobody wants to correct this more than the current players. It’s an extra burden they shouldn’t be carrying around.
As for Macon. He’s cleaning up a mess and deserves another couple years in my estimation. They seem to be playing people tough for the most part, something that can’t be said for UMBC, which has never recovered from it’s win at Orono.


Q: Who’s hot right now for Maine?

A: McLemore, Barnies and McNally. All played well at UNH. UMaine needs a strong tourney from all three. Everybody else seems to be a mix-and-match situation. 

Q: Woodward runs about half of Orono’s population out there on any given nights. What 5 do you want to see on the floor in crunch time?

A: Barnies, McLemore, McNally, Mitchell and Rogers (or Singleton, depending on his shot selection on any given night). This is a physical lineup and they must play that way. If they try to get cute with people,that’s when they run into problems. 

Q: Who’s the MVP of this team? Barnies or McLemore? Who makes 1st team all conference?

A: Barnies. The most consistent player all season. He was in the running for player of the year in America East  until UMaine’s meltdown. G-Mac has been a little up and down, but he can get it going on any given night. I’ve got him on second team.
Q: Reports are, Holland and Bald, two of the top scorers from the teams ahead of you are at best going to be hampered going into the conference tournament. Will you come out now and guarantee a championship?
A: No Rex Ryan here, but this team has the talent to do it. I think everyone in America East believes that. But do the Black Bears’ players believe it? Has their confidence been shaken by the skid? Those are legitimate questions. Like stated above, will be real interesting to see what UMaine does with a tough Albany team in the season-ender.
Q: Prediction?
A: Black Bears find their claws again and advance to the title game.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on February 27, 2011.

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