America East Conference Awards

Who? Me? (UAlbany Athletics)

So it’s that time of year, to bask in the glory of my pre-season predictions (one right!) and see how everything ended up. But first, how about Andrew Santillo! I always figured him as more of a LCC leaning guy- but he showed some nice hometown bias putting  Danes on each of the all-league teams. I like it.

My full completely unbiased wrap up is over at Rush the Court but, without further ado, let’s unveil for the first team!

As you can tell, I like some celebrities, value WINNING.

America East Honor Roll (stats in conference play):

Sr. John Holland, Boston University (way more points than anyone else)

Sr. Tim “Will Brown Brought Me Off the Bench To Start the Year” Ambrose (15 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 3.6 APG)

Sr. Evan Fjeld, Vermont (13 PPG, 6 RPG)

Sr. Troy Barnies, Maine (16.4 PPG, 8.3 RPG)

Fr. Brian Voelkel, Vermont (9.5 RPG, 4.6 APG)

I feel no guilt for leaving out CDLR. He could have Wilt Chamberlain numbers, but if you’re point guard, your leader, brings home a 5-24 team with a 317 RPI, sorry, you just don’t get the nod. Point forward Brian Voelkel on the other hand, earns my respect- and may have tiger blood.

And I hope you noticed I had Jabbi for second team- NOT TOO SHABBY. Thank you, Dean Oliver and Ken Pom for helping me spot his outrageous Offensive Rating and D Reb %s. I won’t go for a second/third team, because I’m too cowardly at the moment. No one played consistently well- everyone was so streaky- Conley, Do-er, McLemore, especially our boys Logan and Black. Fine fine, here’s my second team: Partin, CDLR, Conley, McLemore… I’m sorry,  Mike and Logan, your time will come, Mahamoud Jabbi.

I’ve taken away the suspense for my ROY of the year, so lets just get the rest of it done.

Coach of the Year: Mike Lonergan, Vermont. He should let Joey Ahcooey receive the award for him.

Rookie of the Year: Brian Voelkel. I freaking love Luke. He’s tough as hell and has helped transform this team through his hustle and nose for the ball- but he was the fourth option on offense and didn’t have anywhere near the responsibilty of Voelkel.

Most Improved: Troy Barnies, Maine. Had no idea who this guy was before the season.

“Why Was He On the Bench?!?” Award: Leonard Hayes, Stony Brook. The reason we will forever clamor for more minutes for the Derrek Tartts of the world!


~ by TheMidRangeGame on March 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “America East Conference Awards”

  1. MRG, you gots ball. Big ones, too.
    I’ve been accused of having a man crush on Voelkel and even I didn’t have him on the first team at ALeast.
    Must say I find it gratifying that you did, though.
    Disagree with you on CDLR, but then, I am senile.
    If UA sees Vermont in the next round without a healthy Bald and Fjeld, your Purple Dogs could be in for their biggest win of the season.

  2. That final spot is the tricky one- CDLR, Partin, Jabbi, Voelkel – have seen all of those. I thought best team in league would earn two players on all-conf, unfortunately that was the greencats. Partin’s late charge has been impressive, but I give BV points for consistancy even though he dropped off a bit regular season.

    Hopefully we see you on Sunday and obliterate you! Have a nice day 🙂

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