The Last Live Basketball Until Purple and Gold Game

Unless you have the misfortune of living in Canada, last week was the final chance to catch any of the Great Danes in action. Luckily, Purple and Gold Nation has you covered. Thursday night was a “playoff” game that pitted, vaguely, U Albany versus Siena (you can try to sort through the stats here but bring a box of salt – the dates don’t even match up). Mike Black, Blake Metcalf and late pick-up Jayson Guerrier took on OD Anisoke and Kyle Downey.

Quality of game was inconsistent (it’s summer league), but so much better than second game which was street ball minus any semblance of skill. OD just overwhelmed Metcalf and the Danes team fuller fell behind by double digits at half.

Black drained some nice threes to help claw back in the second half, but overall didn’t penetrate effectively and when he did, it was very forced and not productive.
Metcalf did his usual ‘workingman’s effort’ but was overwhelmed by OD downlow –but but did force OD into some bad turnovers and a caused him to miss a monster dunk.

At first glance, I suspect all the JUCO fears/ complaints will again be hauled out for Guerrier. He looks to be a red-shirt candidate. He showed nothing – not big enough to play inside, not quick enough to play outside, and a shot that make ‘early’ Watts look like Jerry West. He didn’t play much (which as much a statement on his skill as anything) so maybe I didn’t get a good sampling, but he didn’t look like he belonged on the floor.

The good guys didn’t have enough to pull it out but, in the end, we’re all winners… because no one tore their ACL in a low level summer league.

~ by TheMidRangeGame on July 26, 2011.

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