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After a great run at PAGN, I’ve started up http://www.unrankedae.com and you’ll be able to catch all the same Albany content over there (with a bit more rest of the league thrown and hopefully some spirited debate).

Many thanks to clickclack for bringing me on and I appreciate the readership throughout the last year!


Oh, Canada! It’s been fun beating up on you!

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Well, this summer was a blast. Natural disasters are lining up to take their shots at the east coast, but the Great Danes (injured and bigman-less) did a number on our neighbors to the north. They finished up with an impressive 10 point victory over a team, Carleton, that is said to be both #1 in Canada and D1 caliber.

Here’s some numbers to chew on — with a few observations to follow.

Albany Carleton
2FG% 64% 49%
3FG% 33% 46%
FT% 72% 75%
Poss 70.7
Eff. 128.66 114.52
eFG% 58.33 57.14
TO% 7.07 16.97
OR% 25.93 46.51
FTA 48.33 19.05
FTM 35 14.29
ARate 45.16 73.33
BRate 2.78 16.22
SRate 4.24 7.07
Player Name MIN % Min Poss % Floor % Shot % O Rat eFG% OR% TO% A Rate FT Rate DR%
2 Aronhalt, Logan 35 0.88 0.3 0.65 0.36 145.15 0.63 0.08 0 0.12 36.84 0.07
12 Hooley, Peter 30 0.75 0.22 0.67 0.16 129.34 0.29 0.05 0 0.24 142.86 0.12
30 Guerrier, Jason 29 0.73 0.08 0.21 0.09 63.01 0.38 0 0.25 0 0 0.08
22 Watts, Ralph 25 0.63 0.12 0.58 0.16 119.18 0.5 0 0 0.12 0 0
21 Metcalf, Blake 29 0.73 0.16 0.84 0.16 165.7 0.86 0.15 0 0.12 42.86 0.38
20 Suero, Gerardo 22 0.55 0.33 0.53 0.33 109.14 0.41 0 0.08 0.23 54.55 0.17

-Would you like a swig of the Gerardo Suero kool-aid? I’m hitting it pretty hard now myself. I love the ability to get to the rim. The one kernel of doubt for me is with such a high usage rate (33% is HIGH) how will he assimilate into offense if he’s having an off night?
-This would’ve been a fun game to watch — two beautiful offensive performances, very efficient and extraordinarily high assist rates. Not to mention low turnovers. The low shot clock may have led both teams to churn out shots, but they were putting up good ones (at the end of the trip, guessing defense wasn’t on a premium).
-Peter Hooley. He’s the story of this trip for me. 6’4 Aussie was billed as having some point guard skills and I had my doubts — but with Black down, he had his chance to lay the first definitive stake on back-up point guard minutes. Tanner is a work in project and Watts never really seemed to assert himself. A few explosive scoring games, nice A/TO numbers and ability to shoot from deep and draw fouls (his free throw rate was just silly this game) means Peter could be a special player sooner than later.
-Still trouble on the defensive glass. Watch closely, my friends.
-Have been silent on the biggest fellow so far, but Blake Metcalf deserves his due. He’ll never be great offensive threat, but he clearly used his mass tonight and cleaned up down low. Solid game.
-Let’s hope Logan has the legs to pull off these kind of minutes/production for a full season. If so, scoring title isn’t even a question.

High Flyer!

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America Wins! Shall we run the numbers, eh?

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The Danes are Canada, Logan is encroaching in our territory blogging about it and, so far, the trip hasn’t tempted the United States to unleash total war against America’s Hat. The good guys in Purple spread out the minutes, whomped the French speaking foes (was there any doubt?) and we’ve got the box scores to prove it thanks to Media Guru B Diddy. Here’s some numbers to chew on:

Albany UQM
2FG% 0.47 0.37
3FG% 0.4 0.1
FT% 0.5 0.5
Poss 82.83
Eff. 103.83 68.82
eFG% 51.39 30.77
TO% 16.9 14.49
OR% 34.04 46.27
FTA 33.33 23.08
FTM 16.67 11.54
ARate 53.13 39.13
BRate 10.64 7.02
SRate 3.62 2.41

Player stats and a few penetrating insights after the jump

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Fair and Balanced: Jayson Guerrier

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Last week, we had a chance to briefly check out a couple Great Danes, including late addition to the recruiting class, JUCO Jayson Guerrier. I like everyone else want nothing but the best for this kid. My main point was, that after viciously defending JUCOs (Hatcher and Moore) from doubters, after a very small sampling in the most informal of settings, I could imagine similar fan dismay.

BUT as this blog is nothing if not fair (we’re more than willing to tell Bingo the truth — that they suck) and we’re about to prove balance.

I contacted summer league team captain Harley Fuller (you can learn more about him at harleyfuller.com) for a second opinion:

I just met [Guerrier] a few weeks ago so I’ve had the opportunity to play with him 5 or 6 times. Jay is sneaky athletic and definitely help UAlbany win some games with his shooting. He has potential to be a great player for the Danes. He can definitely guard the teams best player at the D1 player. Nice recruit for Will Brown.

So there you have it. Look for an upcoming PAGN investigation whether or not Fuller is on the UAlbany payroll. Kidding, kidding — I’m excited to have the kid in Purple and Gold. Hopefully he adds to an potentially prolific three point shooting team — and I love to hear anything positive about defense.

… only 79 days until midnight madness! Right around the corner!

The Last Live Basketball Until Purple and Gold Game

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Unless you have the misfortune of living in Canada, last week was the final chance to catch any of the Great Danes in action. Luckily, Purple and Gold Nation has you covered. Thursday night was a “playoff” game that pitted, vaguely, U Albany versus Siena (you can try to sort through the stats here but bring a box of salt – the dates don’t even match up). Mike Black, Blake Metcalf and late pick-up Jayson Guerrier took on OD Anisoke and Kyle Downey.

Quality of game was inconsistent (it’s summer league), but so much better than second game which was street ball minus any semblance of skill. OD just overwhelmed Metcalf and the Danes team fuller fell behind by double digits at half.

Black drained some nice threes to help claw back in the second half, but overall didn’t penetrate effectively and when he did, it was very forced and not productive.
Metcalf did his usual ‘workingman’s effort’ but was overwhelmed by OD downlow –but but did force OD into some bad turnovers and a caused him to miss a monster dunk.

At first glance, I suspect all the JUCO fears/ complaints will again be hauled out for Guerrier. He looks to be a red-shirt candidate. He showed nothing – not big enough to play inside, not quick enough to play outside, and a shot that make ‘early’ Watts look like Jerry West. He didn’t play much (which as much a statement on his skill as anything) so maybe I didn’t get a good sampling, but he didn’t look like he belonged on the floor.

The good guys didn’t have enough to pull it out but, in the end, we’re all winners… because no one tore their ACL in a low level summer league.

Too Early 2011-12 Rankings

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So, the America East year is over? Time to look into the crystal ball for next year.

1. Stony Brook

Martin carried them to their success with his dribble drive, but this team won’t go away when he graduates. Brenton should return his intensity and ability to attack the hoop and open it up for outside shooters. Their frontcourt should dominate the rest of the league with Brenton, Joyner, McAlister and Mayo (the latter two have a big time future in this league). With Do-er and Hayes, this team has two lights out spot up shooters– and if Hayes stays on his trajectory he can get shots at the rim. We can only hope Preboye or Coley or Anthony Jackson or Marcus Rouse or Al Rapier or Danny Carter (shit, this team is deep) don’t take the next step.

2. UAlbany

I started this team out at four. And then moved them to three. Then finally to second. It’s time to hold Will’s feet the fire, this team should produce — the league looks weak again this year. Fourth was nice, it’s time to make the next step. Mike Black need to be the Black of the last two regular season games, Devlin and Puk need to improve inside, Logan needs to find his role as a spot up shooter, not a gunner. Timmy is a huge loss, but the Danes should have the most solid line-up top to bottom of any team in the league- even if Watts is the guy at the three.  The incoming class has a slasher (Suero) and big body (Rowley) and two x-factors (Page and Aussie 2). This team is two years away (I think the peak should be with Black and Logan as seniors) and Will Brown needs to hammer our a new rotation and find a new go-to guy (Timmy was a top 100 guy in the country in terms of shots taken).

3. Vermont

With Fjeld gone, I want to knock this team down. They lose Accooee. They never seem all that great on paper. But with their near miss at Cleveland St., we got a glimpse of how they’ll recover. Luke Apfeld is one of the most bouncy, athletic bigs and he should help fill the void of the ‘Stache and Kissell on the boards. More importantly, Sandro Carissimo will have a full year at point. Brian Voelkel with continue to out-tough and out-smart the league. Brendan Bald could emerge as one of the best players in the league and Matt Glass didn’t get to the point where he could. And huh? 6-10 Pat Bergmann went 16 and 8 in the NIT, will he go Barnies and launch a senior year campaign out of nowhere? Hopefully somebody from a better conference offers Lonergan a fat check or he will continue to haunt this league.

4. Boston University

I had them higher originally, but losing Holland will be such a blow. DJ Irving should have no problem adjusting because he’s already the quickest player in the league. He exudes that stud mid-major point guard- at some point he’s probably going to take over the America East. For next year though, a lot more depends on how Partin reacts. He’s a shooter, but if you let him be #1 option, what happens on those off nights? After watching the AE and NCAA games, I don’t know if he’s ready. I think on the board someone was trashing this recruiting class by Chambers. That’s bunk in my opinion- we know nothing about Terry (who looked like an athlete when he got spot minutes) and Robinson because they were buried behind the league’s best talent. They’ll have their time next year. The problem is inside. Hazel is AE gold on the defensive end, but Dom Morris needs to fight off his inner Jake Lindfors and get that huge body away from the perimeter. Pelage hasn’t come around and with injuries etc, and he may have hit a ceiling, but he provides some muscle on the glass. What will Jake O’Brien be like? The 1st teamer predicted this year? Chambers has another well regarded class coming in, so I expect a similar season- it might take some time for the new Terriers to get used to each other, but they have enough talent to be a power player in this league.

5. Maine

They’re own infutility may have returned them to a great sleeper pick. McLemore is primed for a monster senior year and Ali Fraser is a load inside. Singleton is a solid point guard. It could all come together…  too bad (for Maine) Woodward is awful.

6. New Hampshire

With Abreu and Ferg Myrick back, this is an intriguing team. Brian Benson is springy and will be on the best rebounders in the league. Bronner and Rhoads progressed and Buckley has talent, but it’s hard to see this team as dangerous. They’re still awful shooters.


Woo, woo! Could this be the year the rise from the cellar!? CDLR is good, while Satchell and Neller took a step back. I still have some faith in Jamar Wertz, my failed pre-season all rookie pick. Some solid looking recruits coming in (Will Wise could be a steal), this team needs a change of direction in terms of intensity and leadership.

8. Hartford

This team should be amazing now that Joe Z, the human momentum killer, is gone. They would’ve beaten Boston if not for Joe Z’s 0-8 3FG. Genesis Maciel plays like Larry Bird against us, so they have that going for them… This team loses a ton of scoring and a ton seniors though, so it looks like it’s time to kick the rebuilding machine into gear.

9. Binghamton

This team should compete for being THE WORST team in the country. If Macon didn’t hate playing Sutton, his best talent, they might steal some games.

Too-Early, Wishy-Washy 1st Team  All Conference Picks:

Brenton/ Hayes

Voelkel/ Bald


Partin/ Irving


UAlbany player to be named later. Black? Logan? Devlin? “Association” Suero? Hell, the new Aussie? I think somebody will crack the top 5.